Monday, October 01, 2007

No News Is Good News

I think I’m going to stop reading and watching the news for a while. It’s getting too upsetting lately. There’s bad news everywhere. With murders and mayhem happening everyday and absurdly idiotic statements made every so often by the people who are supposedly running this country, it’s scary to note what our country has become. It’s as scary as the thought of travelling on highways these days-- who knows when a concrete beam might fall on us? And if it doesn’t, rest assured, you’re going to wish it had, because it would save you the trouble of paying toll up ahead, which incidentally, is on the rise again.

I’ll stick to watching Spongebob for now thank you very much, and not driving on the highways.

1 comment:

Manal said...

Janganla say like that...Svalue is not luar biasa what, when it comes to roadwork blues...

Kita suka spongebob too....he's too kind and altruistic, having to put up with a dimwitted bestpal patrick, a scrooge-like boss mr.crab, a miserable work partner squidword and a loyal pet sea-snail called gary who seemed aloof. And he loves to catch jellyfish too. Welcome to bikini bottom!