Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Of Peacock and Old Money

Yesterday, a friend was complaining about another friend at the office who talks so big we all want to puke everytime he says something.

This friend was telling me how the other friend, let’s call him The Peacock, was bad-mouthing The Sheep who is now what he calls nouveau rich. The Peacock then proceeded to boast about being born into wealth and despite his beat-up 10 year old Proton Wira, he could bloody well drive a BMW if he wants to.


The Peacock is the type of person who would boast about himself every 5 minutes, and would always want to ‘one-up’ other people. Everything is a competition to him; “I’m better than you”, “I’m richer than you”, “I’m more stylish than you”, and he always has to win, even though nobody else is playing the game.

He is a slave to fashion and style. He wears only branded clothes and he’s obsessed with keeping himself in shape. Just take one look at him and you’ll immediately notice his immaculate dressing, creaseless shoes and perfectly manicured nails. In fact, another friend of mine, upon meeting him for the first time, whispered to me, “Is he gay?”. To which I think the answer is yes, but that is beside the point.

Every now and then, The Peacock would come to my room and ask, “Eh, do you think I look fat?”. Honestly, I feel like slapping the idiot everytime he asks that.

Another time, The Peacock was carrying a waist pouch which was very stylish and did not look like a waist pouch at all. So, someone asked him, “What is that?” to which he answered, “Gucci”.

I’m telling you, this is one guy who, if you ask what something is, he’ll tell you the brand!

On 29/8/2007 ( I remember the date because I started taking notes of his weirdness on this day) I went for all-you-can-eat buffet lunch. The Peacock wanted to join me for lunch that day but declined when I told him where I was going. Upon me coming back an hour later, he remarked, “So fast, ah?”

So, I said, “Ye la. I can do a lot of damage in 1 hour you know!”. The Peacock retorted, “I can spend RM20 thousand in half an hour”.

WTF???? I was talking about eating, you nincompoop!!! Like I said, this boy always has to compete, even if nobody is competing with him.

Now, he is bitching about The Sheep being nouveau rich. I have to say that I still cannot understand why people who consider themselves ‘old money’ have to constantly bitch about people whom they consider ‘new money’. So what if the newbies have only recently become rich? So what if the newbies have had a hard life and only now have it easy? So what if the newbies are nouveau rich?

The fact remains that the newbies are in fact, rich, and that they do have money. If they want to announce to the world that they have arrived, if they want to splurge on a ton of bling-bling, if they want to go jet-setting around the world, IT IS THEIR MONEY and it is their prerogative.

In fact, we all know that many of these so-called old money are now mere has-beens. They have a family name that invokes awe. They come from a long line of respectable individuals. But other than the family name and the fact that they still move in the elite circle, they are actually not-so-much-money-anymore. But most still continue to live in a bubble thinking they’re so much better than all the other rich people because their ancestors were rich and wealthy. Never mind the fact that they probably have to borrow RM10 for lunch from a friend today or buy their Paul Smith shirts at a reject shop in Bangsar or have their credit cards cancelled for non-payment due to their over-spending, to them, they are always and forever will be classy.

I do not know if The Peacock is actually old money as he claims. Other than the fact that he wears designer stuff all the time and make boastful claims every so often, he doesn’t actually look very wealthy to me. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, I may never know, nor do I care to know. But what I know is this, the last time he wanted to borrow money from me about a month ago, I told him I was broke because I know from experience that it would take forever for him to pay it back. So what does that tell ya?

I don’t hate him, if that’s what you’re wondering. I’ve accepted long ago that he is who he is, and despite his barf-inducing boasts, he can be a good friend at times. So, I’ll just let The Peacock spread his feathers any which way he wants, but I bloody well leave him alone when he does that or I’m going to vomit all over his Paul Smith.


Pi Bani said...

Sheep ada... toad ada... ni dah peacock pulak dah. Opis you ni kat zoo ka? ;)

Typhoon Sue said...

why,....haven't u heard? the office IS a zoo.

penang-kia said...

only low esteem people like to compete even its not a competition.
i don't know what they gain from all this except to make a fool of themselves.

just ni zoo keeper ke?


Typhoon Sue said...

penang kia:
yea, i've always thought he's a lil bit insecure.

zoo keeper? nah, i prefer to think that i'm something like the crocodile hunter!
of course, that's all bull, since I'm no hunter and the only crocs i let near me are the ones i put on my feet.

Kak Teh said...

he sounds like an ideal character fro a sitcom!

Typhoon Sue said...

kan, kak teh?

Belladonna said...

Spend RM20 thousand in half an hour? No wonder he cepat pokai and hutang kawan some more.. felik. Hehe

p/s: Jumpalah doctor and drink lots of fluids since you kata u nak selesema. Sekarang memang musim kot? Take care :)

a babe of very little money said...

i like new money, especially fresh from the bank. the smell is very refreshing (obviously) and you simply don't know where the old money's been.

Typhoon Sue said...

ala... cakap besar aja dia tu. ntah betul ntah tidak. nak lunch pun pinjam duit org.

ye. mmg musim hidung berlari2. everybody in my office/zoo is having it

i like new money too, which is why when my despatch boy returned with my stack of RM10s and RM5s new bills for duit raya, i immediately sniffed 'em, only to be jolted by the smell of sambal from the RM5 stack. CISS!!! bank kasi duit lama rupanya! tak guna!

kimster said...

Some suggestions.

SCENARIO 1: "The Peacock then proceeded to boast about being born into wealth and despite his beat-up 10 year old Proton Wira, he could bloody well drive a BMW if he wants to."

You ask: "Then what in the name of all that's holy are you driving that piece of junk?"

The Peacock says "I'm better than than you."

You ask: "In what way? Because I certainly can't see it."

SCENARIO 3: The Peacock says “I’m richer than you.”

You say: "Yeah, and you are uglier too."

kimster said...

SCENARIO 4: The Peacock says “I’m more stylish than you.”

You say: “You call that style?”

SCENARIO 5: The Peacock asks, “Eh, do you think I look fat?”

You answer: “Yes. And not to mention ugly as sin.”

Typhoon Sue said...

ah, kimster, i've had my share of snappy one-liner thrown at him every so often. but the one thing i actually like about The Peacock is his ability to accept my snappy retorts. I've called him narcissistic to his face and got away with it. I've said a lot of sarcastic things to him and got away with it every single time. he is actually very thick skinned and tak makan saman. And me, being the celupar one, can always find a friend in anyone who can tolerate my keceluparan. So, that's why in the last para, i said he's a friend and i accept him as he is.


J.T. said...

Hi Sue

I agree with Penang-kia. Most low self esteem people boast and flaunt excessively. They are so insecure that they try to make themselves seem better than others and make a competition out of everything.

They only make themselves feel worse because it is artificial happiness.

We will never be short of "peacocks" in this world.

ectopy said...

"what's that?"

ahahahaha...this guy is funny...i'd give the look, pretend to give him a sincere smile and then roll my eyes.

sometimes, it's fun to layan this kind of people: "oohhh...pakai gucci...kaya gile...belanja la makan...kau kan kaya..."