Sunday, November 04, 2007

The 102nd Post

Bloggers normally make a big deal out of their 100th blog posting. Some write something very profound to commemorate the event. Some others start tags. There are also those who finally come out and reveal who they are on that special occasion. Then, there are also those who decided to be all dramatic and quit after the 100th post. I’m telling ya, it’s like soap opera in here.

Not me though. I completely missed the whole thing. Post No.100-- not a big thing. Neither was 101st, coz I missed that too. So this is my 102nd post.

Looking back at all that I’ve written in here, all 101 previous posts, I can't help but wonder how I have ever gained readership at all. This blog is nothing but an online diary, where I say what I want to say, off the cuff, unrehearsed and unplanned. Thus the reason why so many times I would contradict myself over and over again, say the wrong thing all the time, and babble on and on about absolute nonsense.

To paraphrase Seinfeld, Tattlerama is a blog about nothing. It’s not serious. It’s not informative. And it’s not the least bit funny. But it does give me great pleasure to just ramble away in here just to let off some steam. Whether or not people actually read it is irrelevant. When I’m tired of rambling on and on in my own blog, I blog-hop, and when I do this, I’ll be stuck online for hours and hours.

Blog-hopping can be time-consuming, as I’m sure many here would attest, and when you find one with a post you want to be a part of, rest assured, you may just spend half a day posting one comment after another in that one blog. And if there’s at least 10 decent blogs with discussions that you want to participate in, rest assured, you would probably just makan gaji buta at the office the whole day.

Some blogs can get to you from the first hello. Others are acquired tastes. Some others, you keep coming back because you feel like you’ve known the blog owners a long time, even if you’never met them. Whichever one is the reason, some of the blogs and bloggers out there are pretty amazing and always leave you wanting more.

I’m hooked on quite a few amazing blogs. The first being, The Kimster whose sleek penmanship I find hard to resist. He’s smart, he’s witty, he’s sardonically funny and at times, he’s very moving. What I love most about him is that he is humble and unpretentious, unlike some blogger who writes some pathetic lines and call it a gem (like me?), OR those who uses too much big-word adjectives in order to impress rather than express (definitely not me, coz my vocabulary is limited to 7 words), OR those who romanticise everything, even their trip to the loo (no, I’m not talking about you babe, in case you’re wondering), OR those who refer to their readers as their fans (bleergh!!) OR those who think that just because their Letters To The Editor were published in yesterday’s newspaper, it means they are now accomplished writers (a case of syok sendiri).

Okay, I’m ranting again. Let’s get back to The Kimster. This guy has taken to writing only short notes for now, or nuggets as he calls them, but I sure do hope he’ll find it in him to carry on producing more intellectually stimulating pieces as he has done in the past. Hurrah to Kimmy!

Another favourite blogger in my list is Pugly (Yes Pugs, I’m mentioning you again for the umpteenth time, SO SUE ME!!!!). Too bad, Pugly has called it quits for now, presumably in order to concentrate on poking people on Facebook. However, due to overwhelmingly alarming death threats and basketfuls of rotten eggs being thrown her way, she has promised to return to blogging one day. I sure hope she does, for it is a pity to lose a blogger like her who exercises strict quality control in her writing, never writes anything that is tantamount to random ramblings, and writes very well-thought out and usually non-partisan posts on various subjects. I’ll be waiting for the day when ‘the eyes’ open again, but until then, I’ll be content just spanking her on Facebook on a daily basis.

Kak Teh, I’m sure we all know her, the articulate journo-blogger who often entertain us with her tales of her life and experiences in the UK. Kak Teh’s writing is often beguiling to say the least, for she has a way with words that just sweeps you off your feet and takes you laughing, crying and smiling along with her.

Makji Esah is another blogger whom I can’t seem to get enough. I first discovered her through the blogger search bar, when I was looking for posts about Raja Nazrin and his then-impending wedding. Her brutally honest rant and self-deprecating humour is hysterical and hugely hugely entertaining, and I never looked back since.

Then there’s JT, a Malaysian in the States, who is smart and funny and is a total sweetheart. She writes about everything under the sun and even when she’s having one of those thingy we’d like to call a writer’s block, would find something from the net to post just as a filler, just so her readers wouldn’t be disappointed.

Another blogger, Pi Bani writes about her work with HIV+ patients, and giving us an inside information of what it’s like to be living with AIDS. I must admit, I’m totally ignorant when it comes to AIDS sufferers and HIV carriers, but through her blog, I’ve gained a considerable amount of knowledge and understanding about it and its related issues, not from the medical standpoint but from the people standpoint. It’s amazing what she does, and I wish I have half the courage to be dealing with the kind of things she deals with on a daily basis. Hat’s off to Pi Bani!

To those bloggers I neglected to mention (you know who you are), my humble apology for I did not mean to cast you aside. If I were to mention each and everyone of 'em fabulous blogs and bloggers, my post would never end, and you would’ve skipped to other sites and would not still be reading this now.

There are many other blogs that I like immensely, but sadly the owner has thrown in the towel for whatever reasons known only to them. But with each one that quits, 2 more start blogging, and so this realm we call blogosphere is growing ad infinitum and we will never be short of things to see and learn from it.

There are various styles and themes to all those blogs out there. Some deal with serious stuff, and give you update on politics and breaking news. Some deal with entertainment and other light issues. Then, there are also those that seem to be a cry for help. The latter seems to be a trend these days. I found quite a number of disturbing blogs that tells of the bloggers troubles, depressions and suicidal tendencies. Whether it’s true or mere gimmicks I wouldn’t know, but it’s heart-warming to read in the comment box such wise and kind words coming from the readers that may help console these poor beings who poured his or her hearts out to strangers online. If anything, it shows that people do care.

As I was saying earlier, I do not know what made people come to my blog and I know I am not yet at that level where I can claim to be a writer. But then I realised, people read blogs not so much for the quality of the writing or lack thereof, but for the interaction that comes with the writing. Whether it is mine or any other blogs they habitually go to, it is a means of communication like any other, except that the players do not normally know each other out of the online world. We are basically strangers, who grew close in blogosphere, and bonded through written and unspoken words. Such is the world today, where our pain, angst and desperation drive us not to the arms of our loved ones, but to the flickering computer screen of a person who lives half-way across the world and whom we’ve never met and possibly never will. And more often than not, this person, this stranger, this virtual friend, can be a better confidante and give you a bigger shoulder to cry on than someone you know back home.

So, cheers to all that.

Cheers to the internet.

Cheers to blogs.

Cheers to friendships.


Pi Bani said...

Darn!! I missed my 100th posting too! My next posting should be my 108th... hmmm... okaylah kot, my 108th posting after 8 months of blogging.

Now, why do I keep coming back to your blog? Simply, I love it when you babble about absolutely nothing. :)

Typhoon Sue said...

wah... 108 in 8 months? prolific sungguh!! i've only gotten 102 in more than a year.

with all that goes on in your world, perhaps u need a little bit of nothingness to cool things down, eh?

Kak Teh said...

sue, thank you for such a wonderful tribute. tak sia-sia kak teh bangun and log in at this unearthly hour.
and yes, I missed all the important moments too. Yes, cheers to blogs and frienships.

a babe of very little brain said...

argh! while others get at least one para, i get one line and associated with the loo!


i'll go back to facebook and picking fights at fight club lah like this.

(but i'm flattered neverdeless)

Typhoon Sue said...

thanks for coming in here at that unearthly hour.
:-) cheers

you crack me up each time!

i didn't put up a whole para for u becoz i thought u quit blogging. i see now that your blog's back on, minus the old postings though, which is a pity. Just don't stop again okay, even if u only write about the loo... :-)

Manal said...

U DO have a good writing skills laaa.....modest la konon....but takkan la nak masuk bakul angkat sndiri kan?

N thats why i linked u to my biasa-biasa je blog.

Typhoon Sue said...

eh, jgn le puji i... malu la....

nak angkat seniri memang tak buleh, nak suruh orang angkat pun tak leh jugak.... berattt!!!! :-)

Sleeping pugly said...

Hmmm ... nasib baik puji melambung ... kalau tidak dah kena saman dah tu :-P

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

haiyoo...sungguh kembang hati ku!!! But my blog come with warnings okay, kalau you tetiba pulak ber feeling sewel or anything of the same, lu jgn salahin gue tau?

Typhoon Sue said...

that's why puji melambung; supaya tak kena saman..

kembang hati takpe, jgn kembang bontot, tak muat jeans plak kang.
ala... read at our own risks la.

kimster said...

thank you for your kind words. are you completely sure you are reading the right blog? :)

Typhoon Sue said...

actually kimmy, I was just sucking up to u coz u're giving me ur copy of The Reluctant Politician

J.T. said...

awww... Sue. So sweet of you to say something about me. Thank you.

Blog-hopping is time-consuming ... I agree. Sometimes I take half a day just to come up with something. That leaves little time to hop around. Then I have to wait for the next time I am free to visit a few of my favourite blogs (like today).
Posting comments too take up time. Sometimes my mind is so muddled, I become a silent reader. For someone who usually has an opinion about something, I feel like kicking myself on the days I cannot think of anything to say. :)

Hey look... I said quite a bit already. It must be a good day. haha

Thanks once again and have a good weekend.

The Blueberry said...

Hi! Selamat menyambut your "century + second" blogspot! It's Ok about missing out on important occassions, we all do that!