Friday, November 30, 2007


The Accoustic Concert held at KL Convention Centre last night as part of the Live & Loud KL 2007 was fantastic!

OK, not the whole concert, just the James Morrison part. If you don’t already know, I am a big James Morrison fan. Click here for my past posting on a video of his song.

The show kicked off at 9pm with Dayang Nurfaizah who warmed up the crowd with her hit songs and some covers. She did OK I guess, but I am not a fan, so I wasn’t too thrilled. In fact, I almost fell asleep during her performance. Luckily she didn’t take too long doing her thing.

The organizers could do a bit more in the organizing department though. They took painfully long to get things going. I guess the saying about Malaysian time is correct on every level.

Rick Price (or is it Pryce?) came on next. He wasn’t bad, he just took too long. The only song of his that I know was “Heaven Knows” which that Daniel ‘Prissy-Boy-Who-Can’t-Sing-But-Won-Malaysian-Idol-Anyway’ Lee had forever spoiled for me.

So, when Rick Price was doing his thing, I was just so anxious for him to get to the song, because that would mean the end of his show. The guy was quite good really. He sang well. He played guitar, piano and harmonica well, and he was a one man show throughout. It was kind of nice, but it did have a sort of a troubadour feel to it, a street performer kind of thing, y’know. His fans might beg to differ. In the end, I must say, he was just not hot enough to get my full attention. Perhaps he should have taken his shirt off or something.

James Morrison came on at 11pm after an agonizingly long wait. The crowd went wild when he first appeared, and continued cheering throughout. Understandably, since it is an acoustic show, the air wasn’t as electric as say, the Linkin Park concert and James Morrison wasn’t an electrifying performer like say, Gwen Stefani. So, obviously there were no incidences of the crowd pushing each other and fans fainting and panties being thrown up on the stage. There was at the end though, a fan who managed to get up close and personal on stage to give the artiste a bouquet of flowers before being whisked away by security.

Also, at the risk of embarrassing myself, I must say, there were lots of swooning fans (moi included) that were quite close to being carried away on a stretcher.

Nevertheless, James Morrison is special in its own way, and the show was superb in its class. I absolutely love it and I absolutely love James Morrison.

And oh, I didn’t buy the most expensive ticket, but since there were many vacant seats at the front, I did get a whole lot of value for each sen I paid. After all, with less than RM200, I got to see James Morrison from less than 10 feet away, how cool is that??? The people who paid almost RM400 must be cursing themselves silly.

Suffice to say, I had a really really good time last night.


a babe of very little brain said...

c'mon babeh light my fire
try to set the night on faiiiyeerrrrr ..

salah morrison lagi sakali.

i remember your first morrison entry and i had actually thought you were talking about the doors.

i can't help but think of the doors whenever i see the name james/jim morrison. sorry.

Laman said...

Enjoy the clip & the weekend!