Thursday, December 27, 2007

Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading #9

I have been very busy running around and when I wasn't, I have just been plain lazy, very very lazy.

The end of the year does this to me. Every freakin’ year!!

I have been cursed with the inability to move my big fat butt off the couch during holiday seasons, and in the off-chance that I did manage to move my big fat butt of the couch during this holiday season, I would march straight to the kitchen to find food and march straight back to the couch to stuff myself silly while I turn my already big fat butt into an even bigger and fatter butt, all in just one holiday season.

Yes I know, I need to get me a life.


I saw a trailer of some entertainment show on TV last night, where a reporter asked Dato’ M. Daud Kilau if he is gay, to which the latter asked what gay means, and after a simple explanation by the reporter, answered, “Belum lagi”.

Uiks!! He’s expecting to be gay soon kah?


I think I’m going away again this weekend. In the past years, I have managed to get myself lost in the crowd at KLCC, get my toe stepped on till it swelled to double its size and get myself stuck in traffic jam at 3 in the morning on a somewhat regular basis on every New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day. So, this year, I’m avoiding it at all cost. Gotta keep my BP in check. So, I’m going away where there’s no party, no noisy fireworks and there’s absolutely no one around to make my blood boil.

(… and of course, I’ll be doing more lying around which translates into making my already big fat butt into an even bigger and fatter butt, but that's besides the point.)

I’ll be ushering in the New Year in total bliss this time around, I hope.


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pugly said...

Happy New Year, darling! Jom menembamkan bontot together2! :-P

Diphthong said...

1. that life sounds good.

2. daud kilau was probably being cheeky. padan muka that reporter.

3. happy new year.

Typhoon Sue said...


it is good until u find a mirror and see how big ur butt has become :-)

hope u have a wonderful new year.

Pi Bani said...

Selamat tahun baru & selamat melebarkan apa-apa yang patut!

The bigger the better?? ;)

zhmi said...

A new last!

Believe it or not, I always make it a point to visit your blog for it never fails to amuse me. So I was increasingly worried by the prolonged elegant silence--I thought you'd throw in the towel a la Pugly. Sure glad it didn't turn out that way.

Have a peaceful & restful weekend, Sue. And Happy 2008 to you--hope the new year brings you peace, happiness and prosperity, insyaAllah.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Sue, Happy New Year...bawak-bawaklah berjalan ye.Luas perjalanan, luaslah pandangan..luaslah peluang nak berlaki...(ini juga pesananku utk diri sendiri, boley?)

pugly said...

*Sue, tumpang lalu yek*

Zhmi, the prolonged silence was her mourning my throwing in the towel :-P But I have picked up the towel again since then, haven't you heard?

Typhoon Sue said...

dah cukup lebar dah ni, macamana nak kecikkan balik tatau!

hmmm, i didn't realize that my silence was elegant. happy nu year

ko ni takde keje lain ke makji, asik ingat nak cari laki je... :-)

masih ada yg belum tau le. perhaps u should do a helluva promotion drive about your comeback

Manal said...

But did u get to see those fireworks display from the comfort of ur own quiet place? I tgk kat TV jer laa...still, no matter what, i will always make the detik 12 malam waiting as part of the new year celebration ritual even at home.

May there be more good things to come this year of rat 2008.

I thought those OSIM iZAP stuff can burn off those bum fat even when u r in a pasive mode? so toksah la jalan2 sgt kan....(sesowai tak?) and by the time ur ass is firm again, boleh la do like what makji suggested to do and flaunt ur asset!

Typhoon Sue said...

actually, i missed the detik 12 malam this time around- slept thru it like a baby! (yes, my quiet place was that quiet)

never tried those OSIM gadgets. Dunno if it really works.

The Blueberry said...

Happy New Year, Salam Maal Hijrah! Mana-mana tahun baru pun sama aje, I kroh kroh depan TV. Can't see the logic in waiting for the detik 12 malam (actually dah tua-tua ni tak larat nak stay up lewat lagi dah hehehe that's the real reason).

Typhoon Sue said...

haa memang! kalau tunggu pun mesti terlentok dulu and sedar2 parti dah habis.