Friday, January 18, 2008

Backup Credit Card

Is there such a thing as a backup card for Visa and Mastercard?

I received a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from Somerset Card or something like that. This woman called from a mobile no. 016-3324573 and presumably also from 016-4339149 (which I didn’t answer) and explained to me about this service card purportedly used to help us control our spending and stay within the credit limit. This woman proceeded to ask for confirmation whether I am using Visa or Mastercard. I refused to confirm as I was sure they would ask for the particulars of the card next.

I just told her before I hung up, “I know how to control my spending and stay within the credit limit, thank you very much”.

In hindsight, I should’ve played along, giving false information of course, collect all the necessary information about them and hand it over to the authorities. It would definitely make me feel good to play P.I. for a bit, but as usual, I’m always in a hurry to end these annoying phone calls and thus, never bother to pose questions. I really gotta change this habit.

Seriously though, why would we need a card to help us use another card? Unless I’m really dense and do not know anything about the latest financial product on the market that could have possibly been introduced by AKPK for the benefit of all those little earner big spender dimwits, I am dead sure that it is another scam to collect your confidential information and ultimately, steal your money.

So friends, be wary.


J.T. said...

Hi Sue

I never heard of a back up card. Sounds like a scam.

I agree, why would we need a card to help us use another card? It makes no sense to me. If one is over the credit limit, then that is one way to curb or control more spending. No more credit! Period.

Whatever happened to self control and knowing one's limits. Do we need a card to tell us how to limit? sigh... Scam, I tell you... scam. :) (sorry, a bit bothered here)

Thanks for the info. It is good to know.

highheelseliparjepun said...

Assalamualaikum...lama tak pegi ur blog.I've updated mine.Tpi sikit je la...hehe..

Manal said...

What a load of bollocks....i kan, mcm u gak, but on receiving those calls i just said: Sorry I am not interested, and someone else have called me before on the same promo.

This whole b*B* punya CTOS....asal ada credit card tak kira la classic ke ape, ade jer people chasing u for their own benefits. Good for u for acting smartly. Next time, do that game plan of yours, and let us know some gist about it. Better if u also publish an article about it in the local papers as part of the public awareness (and local authorities too, if they do care to read, esp those in the banks yg tak serik2 kasi info on their customers to these scam people!).

Sekian luahan hati saya.

Pi Bani said...

At least in your case, you could see the caller's number. The ones I usually get pasal all these credit card stuff, usually got no caller ID. So kalau nak report pun susah. Confirm scam punya lah!

The Blueberry said...

Macam tipoo je.

Lagi satu, can I also scream out loud here that AKU BENCIIIII CELCOMMMMMMMM sebab suka bagi my number kat ntah mana-mana company yang hantar sms promosi merapu-rapu pastu ader hotel call aku offer promotion itu-ini ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Sorry... I think I PMS kot. :-P

Typhoon Sue said...

these ppl come up with all sorts of ideas these days to get your information so that they can hack into your accounts. so the general rule is, don't give any personal information to anyone at all, especially over the phone.

welcome back. ingatkan dah lupa

it's easier to just hang up as quickly as you can but if you do that, they'll just bother someone else, and who knows, that someone may be gullible enough to fall for it.

one time i actually layan a bit, the caller asked me what I do for a living. I told her I'm a Judge. She quickly hung up. I guess i scared her a bit. (Kalau cakap loyar orang tak takut :-))

pi bani:
There's a reason ppl have caller ID, and if we can't use it, don't pick up, simple as that. I don't.

I know the feeling!

the last hotel promo I got was abt 2 weeks ago, he called from a private no so i didn't pick up. The caller left a msg that went something like this, "hello, my name is danish. I'm calling from Swiss Garden Hotel abt your free voucher for 3 days 2 nights stay. Call me back at this no. (XXX)". Granted, it may not be a scam but it possibly still require me to fork out something to get those free vouchers bcoz let's face it, nothing comes free in this world.

what bothered me so much was that the message sounded so smug; No 'please', No 'sila'. It didn't sound like an invitation. It sounded like an order. Like i'm so hard up for a free stay at the hotel and would be dying to return the call to get it. Suffice to say. I ignored the msg. Like orang Kedah says, "TAK KELAPAQ".

Mr Bojangles said...

I like it when people say they'll inform the authorities, or send the details to the authorities as though in bolehland enforcement is such a serious matter the authorities are just waiting to swing into action to nail the perpetrators of the misdeeds.

Such optimism may be unbounded, but definitely unfounded, because I think the "authorities" will do nothing assuming you can get them to pick up the 'phone in the first place.

And if anyone does answer the phone, the response will be "ini perkara biasa; perkara ini kecil saja lah; ramai yang telah complain, or terima kasih untuk panggilan tuan, perkara ini akan di siasat" etc, etc, and that's where it will end.

Have you ever heard or seen any serious action taken on complaints made to our authorities like the local majlises, financial watchdogs like Bank Negara, Securities Commission, etc?

So let not get all enamored with the authorities. And don't threaten miscreants that they will be reported to the authorities. Most of them won't be impressed with the threat. In fact most of them don't care.

zeksmith said...


I received the same call today.

Actually the lady (sounded like an Indian) called me yesterday while I was driving, I couldn't hear her properly so she promised to call me again today.

When I asked her more info, I mean what the hell is a backup card for Visa and Mastercard, she hung up.

Definitely a scam. Her phone number is 016-3364581