Friday, January 11, 2008

Love Thy Neighbour (Or Not!!)

About 2 weeks ago, I had my front and backyard cleaned. All the rumput and lalang and all sorts of wild growths in my backyard were cut off. It’s fantastic, I can actually see the longkang again.

The pakcik potong rumput then dumped the 10 garbage bags full of the unwanted weeds out to the front of my house. If there were just one or two bags of soft grass, I would’ve dumped them across the street next to the playground, but because there were some very wild and thorny plants sticking out of the 10 bags, I didn’t want any kids passing by to accidentally poke their eyes out or something.

So, the bags just sat there next to my front gate awaiting pick-up. A week passed by and still no collection. Then one fine morning, I noticed some branches of a palm tree with red trunk were dumped on those bags as if that is a proper dumping site for those things.

My next door neighbours have those palm trees on their front yard and it is newly trimmed. So, it must be them.

I fumed.

The plot outside my fence may be common property but it is right in front of my house. Just because I put my garbage bags there doesn’t mean it is a dumping site for everybody. So for them to dump their junks there and not in front of their own house is very kurang ajar.

Nevertheless I said nothing. It’s just a couple of branches. It will be collected eventually, I hoped.

2 weeks passed and still no collection. The bags (and the branches) were still there sticking out like a sore thumb in front of my house. So, last night, I decided to carry them across the street as I couldn’t stand the sight of them next to my gate. Of course I had to position the bags carefully so as not to endanger the kids if they were to come near it.

Whilst transferring the 10 bags, I thought, what the hell, I’ll carry the palm tree branches too. It’s no big deal. I can be nice to these people even if they are not nice to me. It’s a small matter.

So I picked up the branches and in so doing noticed a garbage bag with some rectangular object sticking out of it. I took a closer look and found that it’s a 15 x 20 inch frame with some ugly print on it. HOLY STINKING CRAP!!! These people not only dumped their trimmed branches, they actually dumped their actual rubbish there. RIGHT THERE!!! In front of my house!!!! The nerve!

I threw a bit of a tantrum right there and then. I flung the branches one by one with full force right back in front of their house and kicked the bag with the frame over there too. Never mind that I hurt my toes in so doing. I need to send a message to these idiots. CARRY YOUR OWN GARBAGE YOU SOD!!

As the anger subsided, I finished what I was doing and went back inside. After locking the gate I counted the bags I had transferred across the street.

There were 13. Ciss!!!


pugly said...

What you should've done is empty the contents of their garbage just inside their front gate. That should send the message loud & clear.

Typhoon Sue said...

i'm not so mean la pugs oi!!!!

NJ said...

Haha.. I like Pugly's idea.

The Blueberry said...

Heheheheeee... Ape ke masaelahnye yang Alam Flora lambat sangat kutip sampah tu Sue oi?...

Typhoon Sue said...

nah... that's being a bit too hostile don't u think? besides, i think it was just the maid or the kids who was/were stupid enough to do such things. so, no need to create a difficult situation out of it. I do have to live there everyday y'know.

ntah le blueberry. sampah biasa yg dalam tong sampah tu diaorg kutip le every 2, 3 days. Ni sampah garden, sampah pukal ni yg susah sangat diaorg nak kutip. tensen i.

Diphthong said...

alam flora does not collect garden waste or bulky waste. they collect only household waste, that is, wastes that are tied up real nice and placed in your garbage bins.

i believe one of the neighbours here is dumping his unwanted items i.e. broken umbrella and other worn out smaller household items in front of my house.

Typhoon Sue said...

actually dipthong, they do, but they don't collect using the usual garbage truck. these junks are collected separately, maybe once a week or twice a month or something like that.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Erm..aku kalu, ikut nasihat Pug.I will then tell them, this is yours, I help to carry them back,you mistaken my area buang sampah for yours...sambil menyumpah ala-ala orang gagak kat sini..(kissing the teeth)


Typhoon Sue said...

Ok, let me put it this way:

What the neighbours did to me is wrong simply because they dumped their junks in front of my house. But to say the act is unlawful is not technically accurate and is therefore disputable. The reasons being, (1) that tiny plot of land in front of my house is not mine. (2) there were already garbage there. So, such act is just MORALLY WRONG.

On the other hand, if I were to empty the contents of their garbage bag inside their front gate like so suggested, that would be trespass to property, even if it is their own garbage and even if it is in response to their own actions, and so, such act is LEGALLY WRONG.

I’m not gonna go into the technical legalities of this issue as it would require me to actually think. (As you probably know, I would rather NOT think) :-)

Didn’t anybody even notice the little joke at the end?