Tuesday, January 15, 2008

*Sighing Very Very Loudly*

I was at a lunch meeting with a client today when I picked these up coming out of the mouth of The Sheep:-

On the One-child policy in China
“There are exceptions. In some places in China, they are allowed to have 2 childs

On the politics in Malaysia
“Kids follow their parents. If you grow up a child, you grow him up with your ideas and political beliefs.”

(On the phone with his secretary)
“Can you give me the breaknow of what Ho owes me?”
(I assume he meant breakdown)


Reminds me of Billy, the man-goat in the movie Stardust; eventhough Billy just went “mbeeekk” all the way and didn’t speak a single word, the impression left by him was nonetheless similar.


Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Weh Sue...you should give us the breaknow of how this sheep operates on regular basis....

Typhoon Sue said...

heh heh

pugly said...

Mmmbeeeeekkkk ... ! :-P

Manal said...

He mas bi sac a ekstingguish bos...

Ahaa!!! u eavesdropping the boss eh!!!! unlawful that is!

He prolly hasnt seen much of a visible change in his family and what really goes around including his rather peculiar vocab.

Suara dia pon macam billy ka?

Typhoon Sue said...

mmbeekkk mmmbeeeekkkkkk

tak eavesdropping le. he was sitting next to me whaaaatttt

suara not so much like billy, but eating mannerism, yes. he slurped on his fettucine much like billy slurped on his food.


elviza said...

Aduhhh Sue... breaknow????


Thank you for lighting up my dull thursday so far.

He he he heh

Pi Bani said...

Aiya, kasi chan lah kat dia. If his parents grew up the sheep, they grew him up with their kind of language leh...

Typhoon Sue said...

elviza & pi bani:
those are only the ones that i remember. usually, in between gagging on my food at the sight of him slurping his and suppressing a huge guffaw at his idiotic speeches, I would probably miss about 10 more of these 'gems'.

The Blueberry said...

Aiyaaaa!!!! How can dis happen mehhh?... One mor ething aa, slurping your food aa? Aiyaaaa tell your ekstinguish (I follow Manal onlyyyy) boss-sheep aa, people only slurp soup maaaa... How gelifying! Ewwwekkk!!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

i dunno la. ini olang kampung mali ooo. i always find it repulsive to see ppl bring their mouth to the food instead of bringing the food to the mouth. memang macam kambing.