Thursday, January 31, 2008

Traffic Jam Up Ahead, Please Go Right In

I have been so lazy in updating my blog for a few months now. If there is an award for the biggest lazybum blogger on the planet, I would get it hands down. So here’s something to keep you occupied while I try to get my blogging momentum back.

Stuck in traffic this morning, I was thinking of what to write in my blog when Patricia Patrick’s traffic report came on air. I used to rely on it every day, until I realized that it is as accurate as the government’s statistics on just about everything.

There were times when I was at Jalan Jelatek when Patricia said, “Jalan Jelatek is at an unusual crawl all the way to Jalan Ampang” and I would be taken aback as there I was at a supposedly ‘unusual crawl’, yet my car was moving along just smoothly and jam-free.

What does ‘unusual crawl’ even mean??

There were also other times when I was headed to the same area when she said “Jalan Jelatek is smooth flowing”, and so I went ahead only to get stuck in a bumper-to-bumper crawl for almost an hour.

Talk about inaccurate reporting.

And I’m sure we’ve all heard her whining and complaining about onlookers and gawkers at accident sites. Don’t slow down to look because it would cause traffic jam for miles, that’s what she keeps reminding.

Yet this morning, I heard her reporting that there’s an accident at such and such place and she said, “If you are in the area, please call and tell us about the accident”. Huh?

Okay, I’m getting mixed signals here. Am I supposed to look at accidents now?

Oh yeah, I also heard her say Jalan Jelatek is smooth flowing this morning, and sure enough, it was jammed up.

Man, their reports must be about an hour late.

I think I get better information just sticking up my finger in the air checking wind direction than relying on these radio traffic reports. It’s mush I tell ya.


The Blueberry said...

I haven't bothered with those (bogus?) traffic reports on radio ever since... she said this one road was not congested and I went and it was bumper-to-bumper. Serik!

BTW, nama dia Priscilla Patrick lah, bukan Patricia, heheeee... Her voice sounds cool, though.

Typhoon Sue said...

Oh okay. Priscilla. my bad.
yeah, i agree, she has a nice voice.

elviza said...

Sue, from my experience lah kan, Jalan Jelatek tuh tak yah dengar traffic report - you just assume that its jam-packed at all time!

(not helping at all kan comment nih?)

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

That Jalan Taik Itik always popped out tau...jammmmm sokmo. Nowadays with all the highwat bertingkat, apsal tak pakai jalan highway aje Sue?

Typhoon Sue said...

I have been going thru Jln Jelatek every working day for the past 10 years or so. It was a jam nightmare area then, but not so much anymore. Now, it's not always jammed up. Traffic may be heavy, but it does move rather smoothly on good days. But of course, on the radio, they say there's traffic jam everyday.

usually, if it is jammed sampai after that new highway exit, i'd make a u-turn & masuk ikut the ol' kg semarak area.

nak naik elevated highway kena lalu jalan jelatek dulu makji. by the time sampai kat jalan masuk highway tuh, jalan jelatek dah nak abis. jalan masuk lain kat MRR2 sama jugak. dah tu kuar pulak, jam kat hujung sana. Buat rugi toll aje. Baik tak payah.

Anyway today tak jam, so I'm happy.

Missouri said...

Stumbled upon your blog thru my friend's today. Nice content but it kinda strain my eyes. I have to highlight your writing in order to read it. The colour combination is just not right for me. Is it just my PC or everybody else think so?

Manal said...

Is it coz the DJs are busy jamming that they cudnt be arsed to check the validity of the traffic news update?

But i put on the radio anyway, and sometimes changing the channels to suit the mood. And sometimes i rather drive in a silent mode while trying hard to look for directions to go to new places.

Typhoon Sue said...

perhaps it is just your screen. i don't think the colour is a problem. but anyway, thanks for the input. perhaps it's better if i change it to darker colour. soon.

and oh, thanks for visiting.

the thing is manal, i think they collect the info within the space of an hour or so, and within that time, the traffic situation changed. so the data becomes inapplicable anymore. we all know what a difference 5 minutes can make when it comes to beating the rush hour. i once left the office to go to client's place and traffic was smooth sailing, but my colleague who left 5 minutes later and followed the same exact route i took was caught in a jam and only arrived half an hour after me.

J.T. said...

Hi Sue

I see you are taking it easy with blogging too. I wouldn't say it is laziness. We all go through it - not in the groove is more like it. :)

As for traffic reports, maybe Priscilla is getting false reports from whoever is calling in to inform her. Unless the radio station has paid teams sitting out there or flying around in helicopters reporting back to the station with minute to minute life updates of traffic around the city, I won't rely on their reports. We just have to take our chances. :)