Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Birthday Blues

In a month’s time, I will turn another year older. As always, whenever my birthday is coming, I will turn into this moping sulking mildly neurotic bitch who will find fault in everything and everyone. I’m starting to turn into one now.

Just a while ago, I scolded my clerk for making too many mistakes in her draft and early this morning, I almost had a screaming match with a very important client. NOTE: almost, so yes, good sense prevailed in the end, thank God!

I just have to keep reminding myself about not letting out too much in this firm. You see, gossip is usually the essential meal of the day for a certain type of people. A lot of this people happen to work in my office. So, if you give a certain information to them, that information will more often than not, be blown out of proportion.

Yesterday, I kicked up a small fuss about having to attend to The Toad’s file which she claimed is not hers. As I’m not on talking terms with The Toad (I talk, she croaks), I informed the clerks to just find the file next time and dump it right under her nose since her initials are all over the file cover and she can’t claim that it’s not hers. Soon after, I heard the girls gossiping about how Cik Sue is VERY angry at Cik Toad for not doing her work. VERY angry? I don’t think I even appeared angry, but if they want to embellish it so, so be it. I just hope that the stories won’t evolve into me stuffing the entire file into The Toad’s mouth or something like that, although I must admit the thought of such thing is very pleasurable.

Anyway, I was planning to go to Indonesia for my birthday since I had been dying to see the Borobudur temple. As it turns out, my friend is unable to make it and since I have just recently had ‘kids’, I wasn’t very disappointed in not being able to go away for ‘D’ day. Sure, I lost some money there as the Air Asia tickets are not refundable but at least I am feeling kind of relieved for not having to leave my babies with anyone else.

Maybe I’ll just go to PD again.

Since I’m not spending money going on a vacation, maybe I should buy myself a birthday present- things I have been hoping people will give me but no one ever had. I wanted a PDA, people gave me books. I wanted a new laptop, they gave me food. I wanted a new cell phone, they gave me stationeries. I had to buy my own freakin’ cell phone because people around me are all so kedekut!!

So now I’m thinking of buying myself a new iPOD since my old MP3 player is all in pieces now. I’m also getting myself a new camera since my old trusty camera is no longer working and I’m just using my cameraphone which is crappy. And oh, I’m also thinking of getting a treadmill so that I can exercise at home while watching TV. (I find that I have come up with too many excuses about not going to the gym or go for a jog - all TV related excuses of course)

I hope that in a few months, I would be able to fit into those bikinis I’ve been raving about on my last birthday blues, hehe.

Till the big day comes, let me just sit back and wallow in this bout of birthday blues. I’ll get up and rejoice once the day has passed.


Manal said...


Hmm...u had had to cancel your already paid flight ticket to Solo and missed visiting that ancient hindu temple site just because your friend cudnt make it? OK la maybe its like a blessing in disguise kinda thing but it was disappointing, wasnt it?

Does giving your kids a bag of catfood considered as a bday gift?

Maybe i should consider driving up to tganu, take the ferry and go to one of the islands there, and then continue driving to kelantan and back to bangi to commemorate my bday later in july. I havent been to the east coast for many years...

Typhoon Sue said...

manal, any other place, i may just go ahead and travel on my own, but Indonesia is not the place for anyone to be doing that, especially a woman.

birthday gift is supposed to be for the b'day girl, so catfood doesn't count.

pugly said...

Laaaa ... awat tak cakap awal2? I can temankan you to Borobudur.

P.S.: Your wishlist is too expensive for the average people's wallet ler ... that's why takde orang nak bagi apa you nak. Cubalah jangan jadi high maintenance sangat.

Typhoon Sue said...

Laaa.... awat tak cakap awal2 yg U available utk temankan i?

Eh, org high class macam i ni kena la high maintenance... hahahaha

J.T. said...

Hi Sue

Don't wait for people to give you what you heart desires. Go out and get it yourself ... and pamper yourself silly. :) (works for me every birthday)

Have a good birthday and whatever you decide to do to commemorate it, enjoy it.

Typhoon Sue said...

JT, the thing is, I'm a bit kedekut, so I prefer to not spend my own money for expensive stuff.

Kak Teh said...

hmmm, we share same birthday month tho of course not the year. Happy birthday in advance and get out of those blues.

FairyGodmother said...

hey there:

err..happy birthday? soon? not really sure when it is, but happy birthday all the same...

are you sure we don't have the same set of friends? because your birthday list is quite similar to mine, and my friends never did give me what i wanted!


have a happy one!

Pi Bani said...

This blog posting here macam familiar je...

Typhoon Sue said...

kak teh:
thanks kak teh

thanks! maybe we do have the same set of friends. after all, in kl, normally pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak

pi bani:
OMIGOD!!!!! peniru! how did you find that?