Friday, February 15, 2008

Here Comes The Smear Campaign!

Now that election fever is here, politicians have started showing their ugliest sides. Some will have skeletons dragged out of their closet and some others will act all goody-goody while gleefully digging other people’s skeletons and throwing ‘em out in the open. Either way, these are all the repulsive acts of politicians and their cronies during any political campaign. I expect the mud-slinging to get worse in the next few days.

I was directed to one particular site by rockybru today. The site made me sick to my stomach. No, it is not so much the contents that disgust me but the intention behind it. The site purports to expose the lifestyle of a certain single female politician. Long have we heard rumours of this particular politician’s sexual orientation, but we can never verify the accuracy of such rumours.

I’m not proud to say that I actually checked out the site, but if the title suggests raunchy information, I expect to see such information and not just some unverified and unsubstantiated stories with pictures of some kids’s birthday party and some holiday trips abroad with family and friends. Typically, the site is written in the manner of someone seeking to sensationalize the pictures. But the pictures themselves are nothing but ordinary. There’s nothing sensational at all about it.

The caption at the bottom of the page reads:-
“Gambar sudah menjadi bukti. XXXXXX berprofil buruk. Menteri yang membela rakyat kini menjerumuskan rakyat ke arah sesuatu yang menyonsang dari lumrah.

Apa yang kita tunggu lagi? Mahukah kita meneruskan kegiatan sumbang XXXXXX ini bermaharajalela? Pak Lah mestilah mengheret XXXXXXX ke Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO! Lucutkan semua jawatan XXXXX dalam kerajaan dan politik!”

Bukti apa? Really, what do the pictures prove?

The photos show this politician hugging and kissing her daughter, the child’s birthday party and some family trips. The captions throughout the site refer to the little girl as ‘anak’ XXXX (with inverted commas- as if an adopted child is not worthy to be called someone’s child) and the ‘anak’ lesbian. I pity the child for being labeled as such.

Whether or not the stories are true is beside the point. An exposé, if that is what this site sought out to be, should be backed by actual evidence, not some twisted interpretation of some photos from a family album.

I myself never liked this politician and will never be a fan. So, I don’t really care if she is a lesbian or not (nor do I think it is any of our business if she is), but I do sympathize with her for having to face all these crappy rumours, truth or lies notwithstanding.

Over the next few weeks, I’m sure we can expect more personal attacks like this one. What a nasty thing this politics business is!


Hjh Esah Jolie said...

This people really got plenty time on their hands kan?

Manal said...

This Azalina thingy, if she suddenly wears tudung, supports the opposition party, they prolly gonna anoint her to a saint status and come up with some "plausible" reasons on why she chose to remain celibate/unmarried.

Malaysian politics can be very funny, whether it concerns nepotism, cronism, ex-politicians, retired ones, races and so on. And it gets funnier when their family members go on and on about things that i dont really understand what or where is their stand really when what i see is they basically siding friends rather than the political parties. I tend to avoid reading political-inclined blogs/newspapers because they either makes me laugh silly or they couldve opened another can of worms no matter how true or fitnah those stories are.

But if i were to read any, i'll take things with some pinch of salt (and maybe some bit of pure bee-honey to provide some instant glucose to my blood sugar level and energy, tak pon, i makan pisang ke kan for similar reason).

I usually find more fun kutukking english politics as i find it more "intellectual" to say the least.


Pi Bani said...

That's why I've always hated politics...