Monday, February 11, 2008

The Kids

My mom’s in shock, my sister is wide-eyed, my friends all snickered. It’s like the world’s most shocking news.

It’s so unbelievable it sounds like something out of Twilight Zone.

“Sue has kids”.

These words spread like wild forest fire. It swept through the community like a raging inferno threatening your very existence- unstoppable, unrelenting, unforgiving.

How can this be?

Is she fit to be a mother?

She doesn’t look motherly at all.

Is her house clean enough for her to raise kids?

She is so messy, I wonder if her house has proper ventilation.

She can’t even take care of herself, let alone take care of kids!

The poor little ones must be starving!

Oh, the horror, the horror!

Such horror!




Now wait seminit, kids?

They’re kittens la! Aiyah….

I understand why my mom is worried that my house will stink to high heaven, but really Mom, as messy as I am, I am not dirty. My house is unkempt because I’m rather disorganized, but I’m actually quite clean. So my house is far from filthy.

My sister kept referring to me as a mommy, and she kept calling me every night to check on the little ones. As if I’m gonna let them starve or something. It’s rather annoying I tell ya, but I’m taking it in stride and assume that her concern is more about them cute kittens which she probably wish are hers, and not about my ability to take care of the young ones.

My friend M asked “If I go to your house, is it possible to walk around barefoot without stepping on cat poo?”


So far, it’s been great. They are 3 cute 1 ½ months old kitties of mixed breed. They are manja, they are playful, they are fluffy, I just want to cuddle them all day long.

I must admit, cleaning out their litter box is not a favourite part of the job, but it has to be done. So I just have to hold my breath and do the deeds. For very very small kittens, they sure poop a lot. That’s all they do, eh? Eat, sleep, play, poop. Eat, sleep, play, poop. I wish someone would invent a machine that can just collect the stuff out of the litter box every time after they use it. It would make my life a helluva easier.

Aside from that, the kittens are fabulous. I played with them so much, I smell them everywhere I go. I have scrubbed clean last night and had a very good shower this morning and put on clean clothes. I only patted them good bye and washed my hands before I left, yet here I am at the office, with my hands sanitized and without any cat fur on my clothes, still smelling them kitties wherever I go. What can I say? My nose is in kitty zone.

So, here’s my little ones:

Pippin- cute like an apple seed, small like that little Hobbit in LOTR, and reminds me of Pip, the pipsqueak in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations (although the latter is a contemptible one, and in no way reflects Pippin the kitten).

Pippin tidur terlentang

Blanket- because she likes to hide. I tried to put fresh blankets in their cage when I first brought them home, and she wouldn’t move from a corner. So I covered her with that blanket, and there she stayed for a good few minutes, hiding away.

Blanket not hiding anymore- I guess this means she trusts me now.

Mopster- initially named Tassel because of her lion-like mane, I renamed her after a mop, because she mops the floor under the coffee table every day. At first I thought Mopster is a boy because of the size (a whopping 750g at 6 weeks old!) and the fact that she’s the cheekiest of the lot. But it looks like it’s a she. Still, it’s quite difficult to tell at this tender age. We’ll just wait a few more months.

Mopster-looking like a mobster

So there you go. My kids. My beautiful beautiful kids.


Manal said...

Eeiiiii...beshhhh nyaaa....chomelll wonder u r besotted with them! Do u have to make a special tabung (kitty, how apt) to ensure that u have enuf spare changes to buy them their food, hygiene care and so on? Are they from different mummies?

But sape nak look after them while u r away at work? Please let me know on the daily caring routine of those luvly kitties like do u just fill up their food bowl to the brim , water plate next to it so whenever they are hungry they can just keep stuffing themselves up till u come back home?

And do u fix those odour naturalizer thingy to trap all those bad smells near their cage?

Sorry Sue byk sgt soalan but it wasnt meant to let the kitties outta the bag or killing them due to the curiosity!

*wonder if Sue gonna get clad in catwoman suit just for the fun of it.

Typhoon Sue said...

1. I suppose I have to set up some kind of funds for their needs now. Mana la tau, kut-kut esok lusa tiba2 pokai plak, so I tak makan takpe, janji kitten survive.

2. They are from the same mummy- she is an old queen living in Taman Dagang, Ampang, and is already too tired to take care of her kids, so I kidnapped them, hehehe

3. They are okay being left alone so long as the place is safe, and they have food, water, toys and litter box. I leave them in the utility room with good ventilation and an adjoining bathroom (with the toilet bowl lid closed for safety reasons), so they have plenty of space to run and play. I feed them in the morning with canned or packet food (soft wet food) sampai kenyang. Then I fill up their bowl with kibble for lunch mixed with water and a bit of wet food for flavour. Kalau wet food saja, I takut by lunch time, dah tak sedap. Kesian anak2 I tu. Kibble pulak, they don’t want it on its own – they don’t like dry food. Memilih jugak bebudak tu.

4. They are toilet trained, so the odour is pretty much contained.

5. Yes, I’d love to don the catwoman suit, but I’m afraid I don’t have Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry’s physique to pull it off.

Pi Bani said...

Wah, Sue now has kiddies (lebihkuranglah bunyinya dengan kitties pun) - triplets some more! Cute, memang cute. Tapi I pun masa kecik dulu cute, dah besar ni tak payah ceritalah ke mana hilangnya cutenya tu... ;)

So this year mother's day you boleh celebrate lah ek?

Typhoon Sue said...

kalau nak celebrate, kena celebrate sendiri aje lah, coz my kittens cannot buy me presents

zhmi said...

Whoa...for a split second I thought you pulled an Angelina Jolie! Still, kids or kittens, you deserve a pat on the back for sharing your love with them.

Although I'm not a cat person myself, I find your "kids" adorable. And you sure sound like one proud mommy. Way to go, Sue.

Typhoon Sue said...

thanks zhmi

kimster said...

tagged. go here:

Cat Lover said...

Eeeeeeiiiiii.... comelnya anak-anak kucing you ni! Geram macam nak picit-picit! I ada kucing biasa aja dan I teringin nak kucing Persian tapi kalau nak beli mahal. Yang no.3 tu kembang betul la bulu dia. I suka nama-nama yang you kasi. Comel secomel kucingnya. Eeeeiiiiiii!

papadom_ullalla said...

Cute kittens you have there. Give 1to me? HaHaHaHa!

Happy Valentine's Day dear!

pugly said...

Waaaahhhh ... so geram! Especially si Blanket - sejibik macam kucing I yg hilang dulul tu!