Monday, March 31, 2008

Life In The Scrab Lane

Since joining Facebook some time ago, I have been addicted to Scrabulous, the online Scrabble game. I play with my friends and I play with strangers from all over the world. It’s fun. Especially when you win.

So, I play again and again. I play in Cafes, I play at home, I play at the office. I play everywhere. I just can’t stop! My work suffers, my sleep suffers, and oh, my kitties scream for food, but I just continue playing.

Usually I play a Regular game - this is where the built-in wordlist will screen every word you put on the board, so there’s no room for non-existing words to make its way onto it. The Challenge game is where the word list is disabled, so that you can put any word you like, but if your opponent challenges you and the word is found to be invalid, you lose the word, and you lose a turn.

Any which game you choose, it’s bound to be fun, even if your vocabulary consists of strictly 3 and 4 letter words which more often than not gets repeated from one game to the other.

Of course, it’s definitely no fun when an opponent come up with a word like “CLAQUES” and scored 113 leaving me trailing pathetically behind, but as much as that one single move obviously defeated me, I continued playing because that’s the right thing to do.

Even when I encounter a stupid player like this one Stephanie O who hosted a Challenge game, but do not like being challenged, I simply played along, challenging one ridiculous word of hers after another while having an small argument over at the chat box.

Day 1

Stephanie: Why did you delete my word? A hound is a type of dog.

Me: HOUND is ok, but the resulting word LOPOW is not.

Day 3
Me: again, the resulting words QID and UHO is (are) invalid.

Stephanie: if you are going to keep deleting my words, please at least passa turn so that the game will be fair again.

Me: what is unfair is when I have to pass a turn in order to correct your wrong.

Day 4
Stephanie: my words were valid. I provide you with definitions.

Me: no definitions? I did not delete your words, I simply challenged it. The application found it invalid and deleted it.

Stephanie: There is no reason to be rude or nasty in this game. I have done nothing negative to you. Why do you insult me?

Day 6
Me: which part of that was an insult? Was it the part when YOU suggested that I was being unfair to you??

Me: for all its worth, I apologise if you think I was being nasty. I really was just defending myself. The validity of the word is determined by the application, NOT ME. I cannot simply delete my opponent’s words.

Stephanie: thank you for the apology but what I said about the game is true and what I said about other player deleting every entry of mine.

Day 7
Me: nobody can delete your words. The validity of the words are determined by the Scrabulous application using the TWL wordlist. If your words are challenged, the application will check it against the wordlist and delete it if necessary. Perhaps you should play a Regular game and not a Challenge game- that way, the words on the board will be validated automatically when played, and there’ll be no dispute.

Stephanie: are you not listening to me? This really isn’t worth fighting over. If you want the game, then fine, I can play another

Day 9
Me: No. YOU are not listening to me. The last thing I said was said in good faith. Why don’t you stop being so accusatory?

Me: why don’t you check the TWL wordlist and see if your words are valid. Your last word, DURO was ok, but the resulting word UR?

Me: I just challenged it and guess what? The fabulous Scrabulous application just accepted it.

UPDATED 1-4-2008 - Day 10

Stephanie: You owe me three turns. If you win this game without giving me those turns, then know that you cheated to win, and it was dishonest of you and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Me: Bodoh nak mampus.

Me: I owe you nothing.

Stephanie: you are a liar and a cheat

Me: and you are a dumbass

I’m waiting for her reply. I doubt that it’s forthcoming. Hehe.

Arguing with an idiot stranger over non-existent words - Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?

But I must admit, it is a lot of fun, and I wonder if there’s many more Stephanie O for me to fight with?

That’s the *Fabulosity of Scrabulous!

* Fabulosity is a word used excessively by Kimora Lee Simmons. It’s an invalid word, yes I know!


Pi Bani said...

Si Stephanie ni tak reti main scrabble kot. Yang dia tau word yang dia letak tu dah betul... tak kiralah whatever other words resulting out of it!

Entah-entah dia dah hentak-hentak kaki at her end marah kat you... :)

Typhoon Sue said...

she wants me to pass a turn whenever i manage to get her words deleted. Mana aci macam tu. Dah buat salah nak menyusahkan orang pulak

Kak Teh said...

sue, this is one more reason why i must not succumb to facebook. i am already a scrabble addict. i used to play online but it got too much. nothing got done. when rocky was in london, we'd play till wee hours of the morning...then once i came home - late one night he phoned up just to say that there was such and such a word! he couldnt rest until he
foundthe right meaning of a word that i had challenged.
i still have some scrabble kaki here and yes, a scrabble session is surely next on the list.

zhmi said...

When I was in college, I used to hang out with a group of hard-core Scrabble addicts. We always made it a point to play for something--movies or pizzas--and whenever we played the game, we unabashedly dubbed it "The Tournament of Champions." It was corny but fun!

I still consider myself a Scrabble kaki although I don't play it that often anymore. Maybe, just maybe, I could give u a good run for your money...

Typhoon Sue said...

hehe. mesti rocky tak tidur lena dok pikir pasal word tu. i have that problem too. tak puas hati selagi tak dapat meaning.

i prefer not to play with scrabble kakis, bcoz they normally beat me senseless..... i tak nak kalah weyyy :-)

FairyGodmother said...


sounds like the fighting is more enjoyable than the scrabble game!

Typhoon Sue said...

you know what? It is!

Kak Teh said...

sue, i had the opportunity to attend the scrabble world championship held in london. gosh, it was nervewrecking just watching it. and it was there that i met the malaysian champion.

Typhoon Sue said...

kakteh: Gosh! I can't imagine attending a scrabble championship. I'm sure gonna feel sooooooo stooooopid seeing the champions come up with words I've never heard of in my entire life!

diphthong said...

sue, care for Scramble?? lagi best dari scrabble.

Typhoon Sue said...

ye ke? i got the invitation ari tu, but i didn't care to accept because i was to preoccupied with scrabble. maybe i'll try it next

Diphthong said...

while you are at it, try text twirl as well.

Manal said...

Dia paham ke "bodoh nak mampus" sue?

Typhoon Sue said...


i doubt it, but I didn't want to start calling names until she started it. when she did, i followed it with a 'dumbass', and followed by a bunch of other stuff i don't care to update in here anymore. Suffice to say, the game is abandoned and I'm bidding time to force win. Even without that, I'm already leading by 100 points, maybe that's why she's so mad.

pugly said...

Ya Rabbi Cik Sue oi! Dah bosan main jigsaw puzzle pegi cari gaduh dgn strangers pulak nih! Isyh! Pukul kang!

Typhoon Sue said...

i ni lepas satu, satu, i ketagih main cik pugs oi
Jgn la pukul i...