Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Post About Growing Old, Dying, Life Issues, Wrinkles and All Those Things That Come With Being Another Year Older

I’m posting this today as I’m not gonna be around tomorrow. It’s my birthday. At 7.15 am tomorrow, I’m going to turn another year older.


It’s not a fun thought y’know, growing old. Everytime I see an old saggy granny, I shudder to think if I’m gonna look like that one day. Granted, it’s a long way to go, and given the kind of medical advancement and beauty care regime available these days, that old crinkly granny look may be a thing of the past even for a 70, 80 year old.

I know I’m not yet at that age where I can be categorized as old, but that era is looming, so yeah, it is a disturbing thought.

People have always said that age is just a number, that aging is a natural process, that we must embrace it not fear it. Bleergh!!!

Sure, I’ve said that many times before too. But the truth is, and I’m not ashamed to admit it, I am scared of growing old. A lot of us do. We fear aging because it is something that is inevitable. It will come no matter what, and to some, it comes in more brutal ways than others. Rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis, and all sorts of ailments, and then you die.

The fear of aging is there because the fear of dying is inherent in everyone.

We just rationalize it in order to comfort ourselves that everything is fine, because if we dwell on these fears, it will cripple us and we can’t get on with living our lives to the fullest.

And so we try not to worry our poor little head about any of this. And we assure ourselves that it is mind over matter, that if we don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

As hypocritical as it sounds, it is an accepted human behaviour in these day and age to discuss these life issues so that we can feel secure about our very existence. This is an era of Oprah Winfrey and Dr.Phil, so asking questions about life is a must. Looking for answers is mandatory. If you are an American (or if you are Americanised), leaving your loved ones behind to go ‘find ourselves’ is expected.

I’m not gonna do any of it. At least not at this time. I'm postponing that thought for now. Next year I may think differently. Next year I may worship the ground Dr. Phil walks on. Next year I may even go away to the desert to find myself like the Americans do. Who knows? The more you age, the more weird things you do.

But as at this moment, while I still don’t have wrinkles on my forehead, I’m just gonna chuck away whatever fear I have about growing old and console myself with the thought that I’m still in my child-bearing years, although child-bearing is sooooooo not on the agenda ever!

No need to rationalize anything. No need to find answers. No need to go anywhere. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

I'm wishing myself a very Happy Birthday and I hope I don’t see those wrinkles anytime soon.


Kak Teh said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Will join in the whining and the sighing in a few days time. I suspect mine will be more of a groan!
Have a nice day.

FairyGodmother said...

Have a HAppy HAPpy BIRTHDAY!!!!

and err...i think wrinkles are sexy!

pugly said...

Let's face it, we'll all be saggy ol' grannies (& grampas) one day, if we live long enough, that is.

So might as well make the most out of it now, no? Let's partay, baybeh! :-D

Typhoon Sue said...

happy groaning kakteh! :-)

fairy godmother:
thank you. i think they are sexy in a man, not so in a woman

if i stand on my head everyday for 10 minutes, can i defy gravity and stop my breasts from sagging?

Pi Bani said...

Happy birthday Sue! I'll be in Langkawi on your birthday, so I'll help celebrate for you, ok?

Manal said...

ahaa..another new blog layout!

Your present is today, your tomorrow is a mystery (or could be a monotonous one, i dunno), but gravity defying or not, u r definitely growing wiser and perhaps "womanly"?

Dont forget to do a medical check up every once a year or so. I did it last week and my uric acid is higher than the normal range. So I had better drink up lots n lots of water and maybe reduce on my seafood intake more and of course, more moderate exercise and sauna treatment to shed off those unwanted fatty layers and to detoxify through perspiration.

To a long and prosperous life, a very happy birthday wish to u, Sue.

elviza said...

What a writer you are. I got so consumed just by reading this post about your coming birthday.

Whatever it is, happy birthday Sue. Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezekinya...

Typhoon Sue said...

pi bani:
thanks dear. have a fabulous time at the beach ok

i haven't had my medical check-up in a while now. thanks for reminding me

thanks dear.