Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have complained about The Toad before. She is one slick woman who manages to get away with skipping work and causing all sorts of mess every so often. How she gets away with it all is beyond me as she appears to be quite dumb really, as in, very very dumb.

But then again, she’s quite good at playing politics and pitting the partners against each other. So, that could be her greatest asset, and that could be why she can do whatever the hell she wants in this firm without any repercussion whatsoever.

Recently I complained to The Sheep that the partners’ lack of action on The Toad’s shenanigans is causing the entire office some major discomfort (…and by ‘the entire office’, I meant me). The impression given is that she is given special and preferential treatment over and above everybody else and thus, the others are left feeling demoralized and feeling as if they don’t matter in this place (again, ‘the others’, me). I wasn’t playing politics and I wasn’t complaining about something The Sheep didn’t already know. I was just telling him how we (‘I’) feel about seeing a colleague getting away with such blatant disregard of office rules.

Sadly, The Sheep who is in a cold war with The Toad, appeared not to be able to do anything about it eventhough he seemed to have been a bit comforted by the fact that I am behind him in this instead of her.

Of course, my complaints about The Toad came right after my complaint about The Sheep himself to his face. So, I’m sure he was more than glad to get the criticism deflected away from him and onto The Toad. That could be why he appeared glad when I was criticizing her.

But I’m pretty certain that he wanted to do the right thing about her but the other partners put handcuffs on him, as I have already expected.

Politics suck.

In a later discussion (or rather The Toad bashing session) with a friend over the phone last weekend, I likened The Toad to Dato Zakaria Deros, the man who got away with building his palatial residence illegally, operating a satay restaurant illegally and not paying assessments on his property(ies) for years and years.

We may have nothing to do with Dato Zakaria and whatever he did or didn’t do have no effect on us physically, but as citizens of this country, we expect a fellow citizen like him to be given the same treatment as we would receive had we done the same offences he did. I’m sure if I even build an illegal extension to my tiny little kitchen, the authorities would steamroll everything down in 2 seconds flat.

But not him apparently. He got away with a mere slap on the wrist. So, of course we are all mad. And I told my friend that I wish someone would just shoot this guy dead.

Today, I found out he died this morning of a heart attack. Read here.

I don’t really feel bad, but the man died, so I’ll stop bashing him.

Rest In Peace.

I’m just wondering though, if I wish someone would shoot The Toad, would she end up ‘splat’ in a few days? Mati katak, so to speak?

Why am I having this image of a disemboweled frog in my head?

And why am I smiling gleefully at that image?

Don’t say it! I’m so bad, I know.


pugly said...

Dear Sue;

Be careful what you wish for :-)


Typhoon Sue said...

Dear Pugs,

Thanks for reminding me :-)


Manal said...


As much conviction as u have on the toad and her impacts on u, she cud go dying harder than ever!

Kalau I laa...i'll wait for an opportune time to hit back at her and that would mean giving a powerful dose of her own medicine that will leave u smiling gleefully knowing that u have caught her off guard. And better, if u win and end up a winner come what may!

On that Zakaria dude, besar mcm mana pon istana, lubang 6 kaki bawah tanah gak is his more permanent resident till the judgment day.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Sue, telepathic killer hah? Since you're so gifted, apa kata kau suruh TiDollah tu resign...

I believe, if you really put yr mind into it, then..you'll end up get it..(tapi apsal...i put my mind into Raja Nazrin...abuk pun yeelek?)

Typhoon Sue said...

i have been waiting for the perfect opportunity all these while, but it may never come because we don't communicate anymore. So, I'm just hoping that our superiors will do something abt her. They're just letting her 'berkeliaran di sana-sini' (that's how my friend J aptly described her)

that's becoz u don't have the gift like I do...... Muahahahahaha

anyway, Raja Nazrin nak dapat anak tak lama lagi dah, so at this point dia memang takkan pikir benda len punya. so don't bother le... :-)

Anul said...

oowkh..that guy has just passed away???

Hopefully u are not demoralize anymore..

Typhoon Sue said...

on the office front, I still am, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

There is always a person who can get away with anything in the workplace. Don't know what ilmu hitam that person has. I just think like that, although I don't really believe it.

I did make a lot of noise about this type of person and my boss just agree with me. Said that he would take MEASURES (YEAH, RIGHT! HAA...HAA..), so that he would be punished. As usual nothing, NOTHING, NOTHING WAS DONE....

Now I resigning (cos' I got another job), hopefully, Insya'allah, will be happier in the new workplace.

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Salam Sue,
Dah agak lama tak masuk sini, kalau masuk sini pun tak dak tinggai apa2 baupun, sebab tak pandai omputih tapi memang suka sangat baca blog omputih.hehhehe ini pasai plagiat ni, kalau dah buat salah memang lee takut tu yang putih tapak kaki lari tu.Nak tanya lawyer ni, kalau copy dan paste orang punya artikel/komen/idea kat blog kita, tapi siap letak nama empunya blog dan links sekali itu kira plagiat ka?? mintak komen sikit. KITA

Typhoon Sue said...


tinggai la bau sekali sekala, tak payah tulih omputih pun tak pa.
kalau dah letak nama dan link, tak pa la. Itu kira kita quote dia, bukan plagiat.

Typhoon Sue said...

almost tertinggal u punya comment.. :-)

yea, bosses always promise to take action or measures or whatever against this person and that person, but they never do. They only do that if we were the ones to be taken action on.

good luck in your new workplace

FairyGodmother said...

not gonna even touch on the topic of office politics.

but that zakaria guy (RIP), have you seen his house!?

sheeet. crazy!

Typhoon Sue said...

rumah besar giler woooo...
yg i hairan, ada dlm 15 bilik, and around 22(?) bathrooms.
they all pee so often one eh?

Fosufy said...

Hello, this is your first nephew. It's my first time reading your blog and *gasp* you are NASTY.

What took me so long? All this while, I've been busy reading political blogs; they're addictive entertainment materials lately.

Anyway, i hope the mere knowledge of me popping up here once or twice won't inhibit your 'creative' energy.

Pi Bani said...

Ah, politics suck! Yep, that includes office politics. That's why I joined a low profile NGO. Yang low profile ni depa kurang main politik.

And given the present political scenario in Malaysia right now, I'm getting sick of both BN and BR. 2 X 5 = Tiga suku! (Oi, maths I dulu distinction tau!!)

Next election jom kita buat new party nak?
Name: Barisan Rakyat Alternatif (or in short: BRA)
Slogan: Harapan Menggunung.
Main principle: To support and protect.

Typhoon Sue said...

hey darling. nasty? hey, i'm a good girl whaaatt....
hmmmmm, better watch my language now. u won't tell ur grandma will u?

pi bani:
i like ur new party. I'm in!
and I'll be the latest wonder