Thursday, April 03, 2008

Saving Fish From Drowning

The country is abuzz with the stories about Sufiah Yusuf, the Math genius who entered Oxford at the age of 13. It’s sad that she has turned out this way, from a world reknowned prodigy to hooker. It’s a bizarre turn of events that made us wonder what triggered such a downfall and if such a thing could happen to us.

And of course the next thing that came to my mind is, “What a waste of our taxpayers money!!!”

Sufiah's mother is a Malaysian who had turned her back on her family in Johor. She married a Pakistani and lived in UK and only reached out to her Malaysian roots when she needed financial aid to put her daughter into Oxford.

And of course, being the greedy Malaysians that we are, we would stake a claim to anything that has any Malaysian connection whatsoever no matter how remote as our own and we embrace them and hail them as our greatest achievements with the Malaysia Boleh slogan blaring in the background.

Like how we so tak malu claim that Guy Sebastian is a Malaysian, remember that?

Our DPM as the then Education Minister decided to give this then 13 year old a scholarship.

AS IF she’s going to come and be of any use to us in Malaysia when she’s done studying.

And then, she had to run away from Oxford in the middle of her studies, so all our money spent for putting her there were flushed down the toilet.

And then the shocking news came out.

And now, the government has decided to intervene and start a mission called the ‘Save Sufiah Program’ led by that Mashitah woman.

Are we even sure that she needs saving in the first place?

By the way, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Mashitah who once said that it is alright for prostitutes to do what they do when they are desperate? Well, maybe Sufiah was desperate, so it’s justified, no? If they really want to help, just send her £100 and send her on her way.

There is no need to spend any more money on her than we already have when we don’t even spend much to help our own girls in the dark alleys of KL’s red light districts aside from arresting them from time to time and throwing them back out on the streets.

More so, please, please don’t send a delegation of 10 or so government officers on this so-called mission only to have them spend weeks staying at some 5 star hotels on our money.

If they really really want to help, we already have Malaysian representatives staying in UK, why not get them to help reach out to her? Some financial assistance may be given, but let’s not go overboard.

And more importantly, do it on the basis of humanity- People helping people, not as some tool to gain political mileage.

Let’s not use Sufiah any more than she has already been used.


Diphthong said...

i'm not too sure about this plan to 'save' the girl. she needs to save herself before anyone else can do that for her.

Kak Teh said...

Sue, when i read abt the Save sufiah campaign, my thoughts went to Nurin. Had they acted earlier, she wouldnt have ended in a bag. Then there's still sharlinie and asmawi. Why cant they divert their energy and resources to find these two. You are right there are people here who can help - not becayse she is malaysian/muslim but because they want to help. Some offer prayers quietly without any hoo haa.

But now it seems the decision made yesterday has changed. This seems to be the trend these days. Am glad. Cos if i bumped into any of them in Oxford street with bags and bags from slefridges and harrods, they can be sure the pictures will be in my blog.

Typhoon Sue said...

I don't agree with saving becoz who are we to save someone who may not want or even need to be saved, but i wouldn't discourage anyone who is willing to help the girl get back to the right path. Just that this help must come from the heart and not for political gain as the 'Save Sufiah Program' obviously is.

i know this must be hard for you since you knew this girl and have met her and all. I would feel the same if I am in your position. I'm sorry if my lack of sympathy offends you in any way. My concern is simply this, she has been used by so many people all these while -by her father to fulfil his own ambition, our government for their Malaysia Boleh campaign, and now again, our politicians as a tool for their political agenda.

I don't wish to see massive resources and energy being used to 'save' this one person when, like you said, the same resources and energy can be spent saving people that actually need saving in our own country.

besides, we know if they send officials from Msia to go and 'save' Sufiah, these officials would go and save themselves first and maybe catch one or two Man United games.

If they sincerely want to help, by all means pls do so, without overdoing it and mostly without overspending.

Kak Teh said...

sue, no offense taken. I understand. I am sure Sufiah is not asking for sympathy as well. I am not even sure if she wants help. For the first time yesterday, when i looked at her picture, staring at me, i cried. I was there to witness the girl in that jumper, posing awkwardly with the mortar board on her head. She was pushed into the limelight,now she is seeking it for the wrong reasons.

bibliobibuli said...

she has been used by so many people

and by the bloody newspaper that "blew the whistle" pretending a shocked outrage while printing her naked pictures.

poor girl. let her choose her own path but we send out love and hope that she will be ok and happy and not hounded by any party (the newspapers or those who would seek to "cure" her if she doesn't want to be "cured")

and you are so right about the boleh-ness objective of the sponsorship

bibliobibuli said...

kak teh - yes it does seem to be a nice excuse for a shopping trip! (you're getting as cynical as i am!) i'm sure sufia will make herself scarce and let them get on with it.

prayers offered withouth hoo-hah are as you say the best ones

Hjh Esah Jolie said... Makji Esah Sufiah buat apa...(laaagi jahat kan?)

I pun rasa mcm nak main that Scrabulous....

Typhoon Sue said...

ya, it's sad. she's totally basking in the limelight now. i saw the video interview and am now feeling kinda numb. She doesn't need any help from anyone, especially not in the manner that the govt is proposing to give.

hi sharon!
such a hypocrite that newspaper was. And even more so when they actually had her pose in such a way in the interview

ye la. baik save engko. eh, what have u done lately? ada nude pics anywhere ke? nanti i buat proposal kat mashitah suruh save u.... hehehe.

pugly said...

After reading her recent interview in News of the World, I'm convinced that this girl's genius brain cells have been fried beyond recognition.

This girl is beyond saving.

FairyGodmother said...

in the first place, does she need us to save her? as far as i'm concerned, she is happy with what she is doing...she earns a lot and she can always stop at any time she wants.

masyitah just wants to look good.

if she wants to help, lets just turn our attention to our own girls like you said.

stoopid p0l1ticians