Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Legendary Tantrum

Daddy is causing a lot of waves now. There’s no escaping the news. At the breakfast table, at the office, lunch at mamak’s, hi-tea, dinner -- the whole realm is buzzing with news about Daddy.

When Daddy left his pedestal not too long ago, everybody cried their eyes out and sang praises till the cows come home-- Ah, there goes our true father, we’ll miss you, you’ve been great, you’re a visionary, we owe you so much, you’re irreplaceable, thank you Daddy, you’re a living legend, blah blah blah.

All seemed well and Daddy seemed to enjoy his retirement. Then Daddy noticed that the New Daddy started to undo a lot of things that he did and which he was so proud of. So Daddy became upset and Daddy started to question New Daddy about all his decisions. The New Daddy insisted that he is doing the right thing and that since he is in charge, he will do things his own way.

Daddy was livid.

So Daddy started arguing with the new Daddy about everything, and the butt-lickers did not know how to react. They wanted to stay loyal to Daddy who has given them so much, but they also want that shiny new black SUV and a mansion up on a hill which probably can only be achieved by continuing to lick the New Daddy’s butt as well as those of his minions.

As such, one by one, Daddy’s butt-lickers left his old sagging yellow ones to go lick the younger buns and gave public speeches of how Daddy has been a bane in everyone’s existence. All of these, in the hopes of getting recognition from the New Daddy and his minions and huge rewards that guarantee them those huge mansions up on a hill with a lake full of cash floating around.

Daddy cried, Daddy ranted, Daddy cursed each and every one of them. Daddy tried everything to get his way including accusing people of a lot of things which he himself was accused of when he was at the pedestal. Nothing worked and Daddy felt dejected.

Spending countless of hours and days thinking and strategizing, Daddy came out with a brilliant plan. It is dangerous. It is lunacy. It is somewhat bratty. But it is classic Daddy.

At the risk of this act backfiring upon him and leaving him an outcast old dodo, Daddy threw a tantrum and left his family. Everybody jumped. The enemies clapped excitedly and the marauders sprang into action with glee but the butt-lickers and the minions came out in full force calling Daddy a brat, a nut, a senile old man, a traitor.

There goes the praises they heaped upon him when he left his pedestal just a few years ago.

There goes the adulation and admiration.

There goes all their respect to the man whom they used to call a legend.

Poor Daddy.

Or is it clever Daddy?

Let’s just wait and see.