Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading #10

There is this thing called Caller ID. No cell phone would be complete without it. It helps you be prepared of what’s to come-- whether it your Momma calling to scold you, or your boss calling to tell you to come to work on a Sunday, or your spouse calling to check up on you-- once you see their numbers on the screen, you brace yourselves and you know exactly whether to answer or how to handle the call.

It’s convenient. It enables us to screen calls. It’s even a life-saver.

Then there’s also this thing called a private number, where the caller’s phone number is withheld and we are left to guess who is calling.

I hate those stupid private numbers. The callers want to find me wherever I am, yet they don’t want me to know where they’re calling from. It’s so freakin’ rude. If I want to answer a phone call blindly, I won’t have Caller ID!

So, to whoever it is who has been calling me non-stop since Sunday, STOP WITHHOLDING YOUR NUMBER OR STOP CALLING, YOU STUPID COW!!!!!!


Everybody’s still angry about the fuel price hike. Moi included. But I don’t know what to say anymore. It is so ridiculously high right now that I’m seriously considering finding a job within walking distance from my home.

The rebate being promised is such a meager sum, like we say it in Malay, “lekat celah gigi pun tak cukup”. And now they have confirmed that it is not even an annual rebate!!! So, we won’t even have anything to try to lekat celah our gigi next year!



I was involved in 2 minor accidents 2 months ago. One of the culprits paid the damages a few days after I told her the amount. It wasn’t so swift, but it was not delayed for weeks either. So, I’m pleased with that.

As for the other culprit, the damage she had done was so little and the cost minimal, but the fact remains that I suffered losses because of her, so she still had to pay nonetheless. I told her the cost and she didn’t reply my SMS. I sent a reminder 2 weeks later and she replied saying she noted and will pay the sum. However, till yesterday, still no money came in for me. It was 2 months after the accident.

I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it since the amount is so little but she did hit my car, so I couldn’t just let her get away with it. So I sent this SMS last night, “2 months since u hit my car, 1 ½ months since I asked you to pay RMXXX and 1 month since u promised to pay. Tell me Ms. XXX, are u an honest person?”

10 minutes lapsed while she was probably fuming, then came the reply, “Yes I am. Give me your a/c no and I will bank the money in” (paraphrasing).

And today, she SMS-ed saying money has been banked in. (I haven’t checked my account yet but I believe it’s in). There, there,… that wasn’t so hard was it?

So, friends, the next time someone is dilly-dallying from paying you something, just question their honesty. Don’t scold, don’t hound, don’t chase, don’t abuse-- just question their honesty. Chances are, they’re going to be embarrassed into paying, just to prove that they’re honest. Unless of course, they really are liars and cheats who do not mind being thought of as liars and cheats. So, that’s another story.


pugly said...

If I don't know the number, I just won't answer it. Simple as that. Unless, of course, if I'm expecting calls for interviews ;-)

The Govt has promised no more increase in fuel prices this year. They promised the same thing before the election. We'll see how far this one goes.

bloodkingsingstheblues said...

calling on their honest bit is pretty smart actually. i'll try that. especially next time if i'm doing the asking. if someone asks me about honesty, i'd just lie. haha.

Typhoon Sue said...

i don't answer either, which is why they have been calling again and again and again. It's so bloody annoying lah

haha. luckily u don't owe me any money. Otherwise if i question ur honesty and u bo layan, my plan B is to send someone to vandalise ur car....haha

Pi Bani said...

Yang takde caller ID memang I tak layan. My problem is yang selalu kacau I ni are calls from unfamiliar numbers - kalau tak jawab, kot calls regarding my voluntary work. Bila dijawab, turned out to be telemarketing. Leceh betul lah...