Monday, June 02, 2008

The Tale of The Bladder Queen

I drove back to Alor Setar on Friday night to send Mom’s new Indonesian maid to her. This girl is from Jawa Timur, so the slang is a bit thick and she has difficulty understanding a lot of what I was saying, although I could understand her perfectly well.

The thing is, with the influx of Indonesian movies and songs invading our airwaves since decades ago, we Malaysians tend to understand the various Indonesian dialects much easier than Indonesians can understand our Malaysian dialects. So I kept forgetting that Siti may be a bit blurred whenever I open my mouth to say something.

On the PLUS highway, I stopped at Tapah to freshen up and asked her :-

“Siti mau ke tandas?”

“Nggak mau.”

Ok. So I went by myself and then we continued the journey.

Later, I stopped at Bukit Gantang, asked her again, "Siti mau ke tandas?", and again she answered me, "Nggak mau". This baffled me a great deal since the air-cond was rather cold and she did drink half a bottle of mineral water since the start of the journey.

I had already gone twice and she hadn’t at all. So, I thought she must have a bladder the size of a Ducati fuel tank or something. But I kept the thought to myself.

At Gurun (which is about 400 km from KL), I stopped again and asked her:-

“Siti mau ke tandas?”

“Tandas itu apa?”

“Errr… bilik air, err.. tempat cuci…err…”



“Ya! Ya! Mauuuuu!!!”

Dang! She must’ve been holding it in since God-knows-when!!


pugly said...

If the girl has gallstones in the future, you know it's all your fault.

Eh, 'kencing' tak ada pulak bahasa Jawa ek?

Manal said...

Ye la come to think of it, even drama malayu pon jarang ada lines like: Kejap yea i nak ke toilet/tandas or something unlike the english n american ones, where they do have scenes in the office/public toilets. IN malaysia, paling2 pon, muka orang kua lpas mandi, usually men wrapped in their waist to knee towel.

I guess its a moral to u, takyah nak kontrol sopan depan bibik, kalau dia nak berak, terus tanya, nak kencing/buang air besar, bilik air (jamban) nya di sana.

Pi Bani said...

Nasib baik tak terlepas dalam kereta....

Typhoon Sue said...

heheh. does this mean i have to get medical insurance for her now?

it's not about control sopan or anything like that. it's just the way we talk.

pi bani:
a'ah, sib baik.....

chinta said...

:) kelakar betul laa..

setuju dengan manal about custom...the way we talk, "nak ke tandas jap"...tapi western more straightfwd saying "i have to pee".

Irregularities said...

tandas in Bahasa Indonesia is Kamar Kecil Buk.... :)