Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Am Numb And I Have No Opinion

I haven’t said a peep since it all started. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of all this. I’m sick to the pit of my stomach and I just want to puke all day. The way my cats retched and gagged and puked their guts out everytime after they eat grass, that’s how sick I feel of the whole thing.

I’m talking of course, of the cold and flu that had been bugging me for almost 2 weeks. What else do you think I was talking about???

Oh, THAT!!

Yeah, THAT too I guess. Although I don’t quite feel like announcing loudly to the world on my blog and then have it all reported in all the newspapers of how sick and disgusted I am about it all (like some people), as if I had been sooooo holy all these while. Eh eleh….

So goody goody! Go flash your booby! Tsk Tsk.

My cold and flu has subsided but my cough is refusing to budge. I cough so loud I think my tonsils are about to come off. This nasty wind is spewed out straight from my lungs at at least 127 mph -- as fast as Serena Williams’ Guinness-Record-Breaking Fastest Serve ever!!! -- and it brings along with it germs of all kinds I’m sure.

As much as I want to keep all these germs inside of me (I’m getting attached to them, they’re like pets), I know I have to let them out at some point, so I have no qualms about spreading them all over my office now that I’m back at work. I have no doubt that my DNA and my pet-germs are all over the place today.

Aside from this nasty cough, life goes on as usual. My work had piled up since last week and my boss had emailed several reminders for me to report to him. Thankfully he didn’t bother me while I was sick, but now that I’m back at the office, I’m gonna start to tidy up some things quickly as I don’t suppose I can use the excuse of “I’m not feeling well” forever.

My cats must be missing me like crazy today I’m sure, for having spent a very very long weekend at home, they have gotten so used to being let out to the yard every day and enjoying the sun, and eating grass to their hearts’ content and then throwing up their stomach’s contents.

I keep scolding these furry babies, “Don’t eat grass!! You’re carnivores!!” but they don’t listen to me! They keep munching on it every chance they get and as it turns out, they don’t even get to digest the grass—they’ll vomit it out soon after. Yet they keep doing it again and again and again, as if on purpose, to induce vomiting.

God, I hope my cats aren’t anorexic!

It’s noon and I’m somewhat hungry now but other than that I’m numb to everything else. The office is buzzing with activities, the lunch tables are buzzing with gossips, the newspapers are buzzing with all sorts of filth, but all my senses are in slo-mo and I’m in a trance of sorts. The only buzzing I hear is the one in my head, like a bee, and it won’t go away.

I’m sick physically and mentally.

I’m numb physically and mentally.

I hope all this baloney and poppycock in our airwaves will go away soon.

Perhaps then, and only then, I can taste food again.


Pi Bani said...

Yeah, spread those germs to the toad, the sheep and whatever other animals you have in the zoo... I mean... the office...

Anonymous said...

ya! ya! Agree abt de bloggers yg canang kat sokkabar tuh... i pun nak muntah


Typhoon Sue said...

pi bani:
ni dok spread le nih.....

ingatkan i sorang je nak muntah pasal tuh. Jom muntah sesama!!

Kak Teh said...

sue, same here - hayfever wont go away, just like the scandals. Am coughing and sneezing day and nite.

hope you feel better..

Ya, i pun rasa nak muntah re: hal itu.

pugly said...

Susu, don't worry about the cats-eating-grass bit. That's normal. Cats tend to do that as a sort of self-treatment - they eat grass & certain vegetation to get rid of some of the minor illnesses in their body, hence the purging.

Ntah2 dia orang takut terjangkit your flu kot, tu yang tak habis2 makan rumput tu :-P

Typhoon Sue said...

yea, this cough doesn't go away that easily. especially not since i keep having ice cold drinks everyday! *LOL*

hope u feel better too kakteh. take care

i know. but i can't help feeling concerned. Everytime i see them puke i feel so sorry for them. And then when i have to clean up their vomit, i feel sorry for myself....

sometimes, the grass sticks out from their poo, which is gross!! Other times, it doesn't come out totally, so the grass will be hanging out of their anus, and guess who would have to pull it out of there???

pugly said...

Oookaaaayyy ... ! Waaayyy too much information! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,
Glad to c that u r back except for the niggling cough.
Wellcome back.


Typhoon Sue said...

didja puke reading that? :-)

tq tq

Royal said...

you are so funny. now I know why i shouldn't miss visiting your blog.
I used to have cats too and they used to do those things your cats did or more!so funny the way you wrote about the grass coming out of 'everywhere' ahhahahhahaha..
I am so out of it, i didn't read about the blogger.
I know, I know..slow coach!hahaha

Typhoon Sue said...

hi royal, welcome to my blog.

hmmm, cats and grass. they're like addicted to it or something. The funny thing is, no matter where it comes out from, the grass will come out still in the shape of grass.

Ah, the bloggers on strike. On strike my foot! Like we'll die if we don't read their blog ... mengada-ngada betul :-)