Monday, July 14, 2008

Of Ghosts and Ghouls

Yesterday, my neighbour told me that a few weeks ago, she saw a creature of what looked like a tiny doll-man spying on her from her window sill. Upon leaning over to get a closer look, that creature flew away.

In Malay black magic culture she said, there is a creature the size of a doll, approximately 5 or 6 inches in height, traditionally capable of being kept like a pet by some people to put spells on their enemies. This creature is said to be able to stick to windows and walls, and fly/leap from one place to another.

My neighbour went on to tell me that our entire rows of houses have been inflicted with all sorts of woes, in that some neighbours have been quarrelling, and others have been having all sorts of ailments for weeks, and a few complains about having seen something flying around in their houses, yet they could not see what it is. This is all, she said, courtesy of this so-called creature.

And here’s the best part; my neighbour could see this creature because she has been a vegetarian these past year, and as such had purified her body and so she can see things invisible to the normal human eye.

Well, if you asked me, perhaps she was just hungry and was seeing things indeed! Go eat a cow, woman!!

But if I were to swallow that story hook line and sinker, it would have been convenient to blame my 3 weeks long TB-like cough on this little guy.

As it is, I am inclined to believe that someone played a prank on her by putting a Ken doll on her window and pulling it away with a string or something so that it appeared to have flown away.

Or it could have been a lizard and that her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Or simply, she’s cuckoo.

Generally, I’m a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and supernatural beings. To say outright that I do not believe in ghosts would probably be a lie, since I do get spooked whenever I hear a ghost story, and I had long been a die-hard fan of supernatural stories like Buffy, Angel, Charmed and Supernatural, and that after watching The Ring I did not answer the phone for a week, and that when the floor tiles in my living room popped out a couple of years back, the first thing that came to my mind was poltergeist!!!

I have been taught to believe that there are supernatural elements out there in this world other than us. They are God’s creation and they don’t usually bother us. I don’t have any problem believing in that. But I personally have never experienced anything paranormal, so I do not know whether to believe in these things beyond the facts that they do exist somewhere.

Back in high school, every now and then there was a so-called ‘sighting’ by a few of my peers in Asrama Puteri. The boarding school I went to was said to be a very haunted place and that during the Japanese occupation, it was used as a military headquarters. So, there were a lot of stories being circulated among other things, about students hearing the sounds of chains being dragged on the concrete floor and ghoulish voices screaming. Then there was also a story about how our Asrama Puteri is protected by a Hantu Galah (an extremely tall being, with extremely long limbs, enabling it to leap over tall buildings in a single bound….:-) …Okay, so I borrowed that line from Superman, so sue me), and that this Hantu Galah was known to have chased away countless bad boys coming over at night to peep at us girls (Good job there, Hantu Galah guy! Bravo!!!!)

I have seen a few of my friends being traumatized from their encounters with spooky apparitions and I have heard 1st hand accounts of how these people, friends of mine, had all these harrowing experiences from out of this world.

But I have never had any single experience of the sort on my own (not that I want to, mintak simpang!!!).

My mother has one simple explanation to this, “Kalau dah perangai macam hantu, mana ada hantu nak kacau lagi, dah kawan dia!!”.


I made a simple research and found a glossary of Malaysian ghosts in an article in The Star a few years ago. It says this:-

Pontianak or kuntilanak – A type of vampire in Malay folklore. (One of the spookiest of the lot in my opinion. Made spookier by Maria Menado but lost some of the spookiness and became the object of lust instead when played by Maya Karin)

Langsuir – A version of pontianak but said to be the deadliest banshee in Malay folklore. (ishhh… this one takut giler weyyy….)

Manananggal – The spirit of an older, beautiful woman capable of severing its upper torso to fly into the night with huge bat wings to prey on unsuspecting pregnant women in their homes. (or is it penanggal? The Indonesian version is Sundel Bolong, I believe)

Toyol – A mythical spirit in Malay mythology. It is a small creature created from a dead human foetus using black magic. (This one is used by its owner to steal stuff).

Orang bunian – Said to inhabit jungles and are similar to elves except they are invisible to most people. (They say this one kidnaps the people they like, and those in their captivities actually live among us but are invisible to our eyes)

Orang minyak (oily man) – According to history, Satan offered to grant worldly desires if the orang minyak raped 21 virgin girls within seven days and worship Satan as a God. These orang minyak usually douse themselves with oil and run around naked. Although the orang minyak is believed to be human, there are countless stories of them being related to the supernatural world. (Can’t we just light a match and throw at him since he is covered in oil and all?)

Orang halus (invisible people) – These dwarfs usually cannot be encountered unless one is purified by cleansing the body and wearing clean clothes. They live in the jungles and are conversant in Malay! (Ah, this must be it!)

Hantu galah – A male ghost, believed to be gigantic, with extremely long and thin limbs. (The security guard at my old Asrama Puteri)

Hantu pisang (a Mah Meri belief) – A beautiful ghost that is supposedly formed when the heart of the banana bud is pierced with a nail attached to a thread. (Never heard of this)

Mumiai (pronounced moo-mee-eye) – A poltergeist who throws things around and attacks people who are especially lazy or criminal. – (The only poltergeist I know is the one in the Mat Salleh movie, not this mumiai thing)

Okay so, assuming that my neighbour was not bluffing, the Ken doll look-alike would be ‘orang halus’ I guess. Our respective jungle-like backyard could be their little vacation spot or something. And if that is so, there must also be Barbie dolls look-alike flying around somewhere outside our kitchens! (Somebody call Mattel!! )

That being the case, I must stop eating cows so that I get to see these things….or mustn’t I?

I hope all this talk of hantus and everything won’t affect me tonight.



The Blueberry said...

Heheheeee leap over tall buildings in a single bound heheheheheeee... What an apt description heheheheee...

Eh kenapa semua sekolah used to be Japanese military HQ aa? Kalau tak Japanese, English. Teruk betul. My sekolah menengah used to be English AND Japanese military HQ. Cerita dot dot pun banyaklah, maklumle, banyak "spesis".

Pi Bani said...

I think orang minyak sekarang dah susah cari makan lah, harga minyak dah naik beb...

pugly said...

Somehow the image of a few Kens & Barbies flying around in your neighbourhood just cracks me up! *LOL!*

You know what? Entah2 all these Ken & Barbie clones are also responsible for your cats' illnesses! *GASP!*

Typhoon Sue said...

i guess, the same reason why semua sekolah sekarang ni jadi tempat pembuangan undi masa pilihanraya.

banyak rooms and corridors, maybe that's why.

kalau dia pakai minyak sawit?

*LOL* That'd be a sight wdn't it?

Yea, i thought abt that too. Which would explain why sometimes my cats seem to chase thin air- Must be those invisible Kens taunting them. Gosh! I gotta stop eating cows if I want to see them!

Manal said...

Are u insinuating that a vegan/vegetarian may get to see those paranormal beings?

Kesian depa....And the same goes to your kitties after they stuffed themselves with grass?

But if they are on hash, ganja and all sort of plant based (organic kaedahnya) drugs, would they fall under vegetarian group too?

Typhoon Sue said...

I'm not insinuating anything. A vegetarian buddhist told me that because she is vegetarian, her body is purified and therefore she can see these things. (Read the description for Org Halus again)

Cats, like dogs, and babies, can see things adult humans can't. haven't u ever see babies smiling and laughing at the ceiling as if someone is teasing them? According to old folks, it's malaikat teasing them. And dogs howling at night- it's because they can see the devils. Wallahualam.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,
Most diseases were caused by hantus,polongs, jinns and hantu hantu yg sebaris dengan nye.Its so bloody obvious!!

I wonder why people bother to go to hospital when the problem/disease is easily diagnosed and cured by Malaysian Bomoh.

I seek treatment fr a bomoh @ Ustaz. His L shape bungalow was in remote part of Gombak. I was brought to see him for abnormal behaviour that I did as percieved by someone close to me.

Considering that he is a professional Ustaz @Bomoh, I believe the 'bomohing' must be quite financially rewarding. Encourage your kids and kins to enroll themselves for the course.Some conducted in English too!

The Treatment.
Without asking me or person accompanying me regarding my symptoms,he seem to know my problem just by looking at me.
With my long hairs ,red eyes ,rough voice and swollen hand ,I must have look pretty obvious to him
He recite a few ayats (mumbling more like it) and 'scan' the 'sufferers' body and diagnosed that I was infliated by Jinns.In small state of trance he dropped his finger on an open indexed Quraan and the sufferrer was suppose to recite the chosen passage on Quraan as pointed by his divinely directed finger.

The sufferer was given no choice, to say that you are not cured is to assume that you dont believe in Quraan thus your iman is in question.To say that you are cured ( rather than to continue the treatment without any tangible or quantifiable difference as to prebomoh state)is prove enough of that the Jinns have been evicted.

I acted impartial initially,thus was diagnosed as infliated by a Raja Jinn ,needing continuous treatment that lasted for one month.

The followups were done for a few months

Finally the Tok Bomoh @ Ustaz gave up on me but not the Jinns.

So here I am same like the day before i seek treatment with all the Jinns in full attendance.

They attack my joints (Jinns like joints so I was told) it make me scream from time to time for no apparent reason and gave you chills on the hottest nights like tonight.My eyes were turning red and and i rather stay in darken room all alone with this computer.

My fingers sometimes typing incoherent words that make me sound odd even to my ear..the sort of croaking voice that make my nosy neighbour complain.

If by any chance Sue,you still reading this , then you may have got it too through me.With modern internet asses the tuju2 goes by streamyx ,compliment of TMNet.

If you see this screen flickering or this room light become dimmer on its own or the cpu in front of you suddenly start to buzzzz ,dont panic,the downloading of Jinns is almost complete.....but,a warning, whatever you do


its not a pretty sight to see them hanging there sticking on the wall with white bedspread and all .Their red eyes and tongue can be quite enchanting but ignore them.Just pretend you dont see them and never answer their greeting ,strike conversation with them or join their laughter no matter how funny..then you'll be ok.
Dont say I didnt warn you

Good Night Sue

FairyGodmother said...



babe, well, wont want to say anything that might get me in trouble...

but the lady who saw it was a chinese?

Typhoon Sue said...

are u trying to scare me out of my wits? :-)

I also know a Jinn by the way, Jins Shamsuddin. :-)

if u or anyone is looking for a bomoh, there's one in Taman Melawati whom i heard is quite good. Not black magic stuff as far as i've heard, just Quran and sunnah. Her clientele include some high-ranking govt official and top-notch litigation lawyers.

in your condition, yes, you shouldn't be saying anything....

yup, the neighbour is chinese and a devout buddhist.

captainlukman said...

hahahahaha those story about japanese ghost almost the same with my old school at ganu, somemore the aspura (asrama putera) close to the beach, so that beach was used by japanese to landed......hahahahaha lawak jugak kan, anyway aspura tuh mmg scary pun coz lots of boys die due to swim in our strong current friend dead body was kept there while waiting for ambulance:(

al-fatihah to both of cute boys