Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scrabble Babble

Ah, now I know why I couldn’t find Scrabulous on Facebook. Thanks Blueberry for the info!

Apparently Mattel, who owns the rights to the board game Scrabble has sued the developers of Scrabulous for copyright & trademark infringement and pending the outcome, has forced Facebook to remove the application from the social networking site.

The absence of Scrabulous on Facebook have bummed me out big time, and I can’t help but be angry at the developers for putting up Scrabulous in the first place to the unsuspecting public without proper licensing from the creator and owner of the original game Scrabble, thus having knowingly exposed the unsuspecting public (Read: me!) to the risk of being robbed off their enjoyment of the game at a point when they actually eat, breathe and sleep Scrabulous.

They think, just because they change the letters “b-l-e” to “u-l-o-u-s”, they can rip off everything else about the game and get away with it?

Of course I’m angry at Hasbro and Mattel too for not developing their own Scrabble application on Facebook. All these hassles could’ve been avoided if they had done so. Oh, wait a minute, they have just put such application up, but darn it! Scrabble Beta is only available in US & Canada for now. Aaarrrgh!!!!

In the meantime, I’m hunting high and low for a substitute game to keep me occupied. So, eventhough technically the unavailability of Scrabulous should make me more productive at work by as much as 50%, my search for another game keeps me busy the whole day and productivity is still somewhat below par, but who’s counting?

I miss my Scrabulous. I miss my quarrels with strangers over Scrabulous. I miss my Life in the Scrab Lane.

*sob sob*

I’m so freakin sad.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Amazing Race

I have been on Facebook for quite sometime now and I have used and abused almost every application there is, particularly the games application.

One function that I have underused however is the photo album. I don’t see the need to upload every single picture there is about my activities for the entire network to see. (Well, err… not that I have that many activities to begin with, but that’s beside the point).

The only pictures I uploaded on my Facebook aside from my profile image, are those of my cats. I’m proud of those cats, I mention them a lot in my blog, and it follows that I want to show off their pictures in my Facebook.

Yes, the word is ‘show off’. That’s the whole point of creating a photo album online don’t you think?

Mothers show off their babies. Newlyweds show off their wedding pictures. Bachelors and bachelorettes show off their parties. Students show off their activities.

It’s a whole freak show out there of people showing off this and that.

Me? I’m content showing off my cats thank you very much.

I find it funny that some people, upon getting started on Facebook, immediately uploads photos of their travels, obviously to show off a little about their visits to other countries. Then, another friend get started on Facebook too, sees those pictures and start uploading his or her travel pictures as well.

Soon, we have a competition of sorts of people in the same circle uploading pictures of themselves in various places around the world and competing with one another, albeit subtly, on who visits the most countries.

“I’ve visited more countries than you!”

“No. I travel abroad more often than you!”

“No. No. I’m the one who lived abroad a lot longer than any of you!”

“No. Listen. I’m staying abroad right now, so I win!!”

Words unspoken of course, but we all know what the pictures mean. Makes me wanna whip out my photo collection and upload some of mine too, haha!

But no thank you. I’ll stay out of the show-off bandwagon. Let them compete with one another till they all run out of pictures. It’s kinda amusing. Maybe they should all go on The Amazing Race or something.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Haunting

I thought my pictures with friends from high school were fabulously funny.

I also thought some of those pictures were a bit barf-inducing.

And I even thought some of those pictures were utterly scandalous.

But I never thought any picture of anyone we all know would be even more fabulously funny, barf-inducing and utterly utterly scandalous.

I guess even a tall, dark, not so handsome Mr. Know-It-All has his cross-dressing moments at one time or another.

Old photos have a way of coming back to haunt you, don't you think?

I literally rolled on the floor laughing seeing this one.

Click here .

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blast From The Past- The Reunion

I don’t know why I was hesitant about going to a gathering of a small bunch of old friends. They are just old friends from school, not outcasts, not bullies, not enemies. Just some friends whom I used to see everyday until we all went our separate ways.

Being prone to over-analyzing things, I couldn’t help but did a post-mortem of my issues about going there. The fact that I had another event to go to was beside the point. What matters now is the reason why I didn’t immediately jump at the chance to catch up with old pals.

It came down to one reason- it was the realization that it has been THAT long since we left school. We were 17 then. We are 30-something now. Seeing friends from my younger years made me realize how old I am now.

Oh boy, so it’s that age issue again.


That aside, I did have a great time yesterday at Kelantan Delights.

I arrived about an hour after it started. Didn’t mean to make a grand entrance, nor was I fashionably late like a celebrity or something. I was just late. Like a klutz.

All in all, it was a great reunion. I had a blast. Till we meet again my friends.

Top: The huge orange blob (Moi), Mai, Zetti, Wani, Mira, Ajun, Tiya
Bottom: Suhaila, CT, Lin, Azida, Ida, Linda, Azil
My stupid camera chose this precious time t
o run out
of battery. Aargh! So, this is from my crappy cell phone.
Again, aargh!!

The good ol' days
Azil, Emy, Elly, Azida, Rory, Noroy & Moi

Mai, Ainun, Lini (Aruah), Aza, CT & Moi

I have so many more pix in my album but I'm not sure whether the individuals concerned would be too happy if I put 'em up here-- lots of crazy poses in inappropriate clothes I tell ya!

So, enough reminiscing for now methinks. It's time to get back to the present time and finish my work. So ciao.

P/S : After all that big noise about being shooed out of KLCC, Kelantan Delights moved to Sooka Sentral. Why lar???? There’s nobody there. We were the only patrons on a Sunday afternoon. And the restaurant closed at 6pm!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blast From The Past

Updated 17th August 2008 7.58pm

Okay, so all the negativity was unfounded. The gathering was a blast. Will write about it when I have time.

The last few days have been quite hectic. My work took me all over the city. My cats took me to the vet and back. My love life took me to the moon and back. And most unexpectedly, my old friends from school emerged out of nowhere and started inundating my Facebook.

It’s an amazing thing, that Facebook, where old pals and long-lost family members can find each other and get re-acquainted. Long have I wondered where all these creatures have gone off to. I’ve heard bits and pieces about their whereabouts, but I have never attempted any sort of communications with them, save for a few whom amazingly I have remained in touch with since leaving high school.

And with this new development came the need to meet and catch up on old times. A dear friend is coming down from Sabah and a reunion of sorts is being planned to coincide with her being in town. It is an opportunity not to be missed so I was told.

Truthfully, this brings a kind of a funny feeling for me-- a mixture of fondness added with a certain degree of sadness, regret and apprehension, making me uncertain of whether I need to be there for this blast from the past.

I have a valid excuse not to go. My eldest niece is getting married that day so technically, I’m required to be at the wedding reception in Kajang. But on the other hand, these people are my long-lost friends whom I have not seen in years. I want to meet up with them despite whatever negative feelings stirring up inside me.

It’s only 3 days away and I haven’t confirmed anything. I’m still rather wishy-washy about the whole thing but knowing myself and my last minute decisions, I may just take off straight from the kenduri in Kajang and ran all the way back to the city in my baju kurung and all just to meet up with all these people. After all, I did spend 5 years of my life living with them, so yeah, they do mean a lot to me.

If, by any chance, any of you reading this happen to be from that boarding school up north, y’know, the one located in the middle of nowhere deep in a rubber plantation guarded by a tall being who can leap over a building in a single bound and which mission was for its students to ‘belajar dan berbakti’, yes I am one of you.

Email me.