Monday, August 25, 2008

The Amazing Race

I have been on Facebook for quite sometime now and I have used and abused almost every application there is, particularly the games application.

One function that I have underused however is the photo album. I don’t see the need to upload every single picture there is about my activities for the entire network to see. (Well, err… not that I have that many activities to begin with, but that’s beside the point).

The only pictures I uploaded on my Facebook aside from my profile image, are those of my cats. I’m proud of those cats, I mention them a lot in my blog, and it follows that I want to show off their pictures in my Facebook.

Yes, the word is ‘show off’. That’s the whole point of creating a photo album online don’t you think?

Mothers show off their babies. Newlyweds show off their wedding pictures. Bachelors and bachelorettes show off their parties. Students show off their activities.

It’s a whole freak show out there of people showing off this and that.

Me? I’m content showing off my cats thank you very much.

I find it funny that some people, upon getting started on Facebook, immediately uploads photos of their travels, obviously to show off a little about their visits to other countries. Then, another friend get started on Facebook too, sees those pictures and start uploading his or her travel pictures as well.

Soon, we have a competition of sorts of people in the same circle uploading pictures of themselves in various places around the world and competing with one another, albeit subtly, on who visits the most countries.

“I’ve visited more countries than you!”

“No. I travel abroad more often than you!”

“No. No. I’m the one who lived abroad a lot longer than any of you!”

“No. Listen. I’m staying abroad right now, so I win!!”

Words unspoken of course, but we all know what the pictures mean. Makes me wanna whip out my photo collection and upload some of mine too, haha!

But no thank you. I’ll stay out of the show-off bandwagon. Let them compete with one another till they all run out of pictures. It’s kinda amusing. Maybe they should all go on The Amazing Race or something.



Kak Teh said...

sue, no facebook for me, but I have loads of pictures of my cats to show off in my current entry.
I cant cope with blog, what more Facebook. am too old to race. I plod along with blog. Catch up with me there.
You got cats? I got cats.

Typhoon Sue said...

let's show off our cats then, hehehe

pugly said...

What's even more hilarious are those types who would blindly accept anyone to be their 'friend' just to up their quota. Pathetic, uols. Takde maknanya kalau ada friends beribu-ribu lemon when you don't even know half of them!

Manal said...

Hang on...i am yet ur FB mate! Tak nak add kita ke? Kalau tak sudi takpe la....

I lagi la malas dah nak layan all those apps...BUT i sure am hooked to that Scramble! I like to see that my "IQ" level increases as i manage to scramble more words and win more games.

On those picture adding race, i'm not so much into it. I just added a few so people know how I wud look like now. Thats all. Ye la kan, ade kawan sek rendah yg dah berjaman tak jumpak, so at least jumpa kat FB tu dah kira menyambung cyber silaturrahim although we havent met for like decades?

Unlike Pugly, I xde la glamer sgt, so sgt la jarang see some stranger making request.

Typhoon Sue said...

that's what they call 'facebook friends' - not to be confused with actual friends. :-)
i think they should add this term in the oxford dictionary now

alahai... merajuk pulak ke.... nantila i cari u. klu jumpa i add, ok?

i was hooked to scrabulous, but since yesterday i can't open it anymore-access restricted. what's goin' on???? I'm dyin' here!

that's the whole idea kan, just to show what u look like, or in my case, what my cats look like. Instead, we have people showing off pictures of themselves with the same deadpan mug and unimaginative poses standing in various places other than at home or in our own country. Muka sama jek, lokasi saja berbeza. Sah nk tayang!

Chubby, who else? said...

Ha ha ha... actually I agree with you. All this show off thingy... I rest my case. Let them show off... I dont care!

Chubby said...

(Sorry, a bit out of the topic though, but couldn't help it =P ) I just realize you change the pics. Where's the cute collar with the initials. They (Munster, Pippin n Blanket) look as if like saying,'Arghhh this bell looks so dumb on me!'.


Manal said...

Speaking of some alley-pussycats, last night, on my way to the concourse (foyer) entrance of my faculty, I saw this black male cat trying to wander into our office area. So i pon closed the other entrance to the corridors and kononnya tak nak kasi go further la...he started to meow angrily, and siap nak ngghhhh khhhhh thingy to me. Pastu i buat dek jer n told him off: "ko nak kua, meh sini!" He was still pretty much dubious of my intention and waiting at a certain safe distance (like 3-4 m aparts, bloody clever cat, macam la haku teringin sgt nak kat dia!). And then i bukak la pintu entrance seluas2nya, pon dia hesitated. I called to him,"sini la kucing, cepat kua!". Still not moving, i pon kuak lagi the door to the last kuak and i stood at the far end holding the door and forcing him again to move with my eyes glaring sharp at him:"cepat laa kuaa!!". Ingat dia sorg yg boleh buat that cat-ferocious eyes? Seeing that I meant it, he gingerly made a move and scampered lightly crossing the doorstep. As I made my way out meself, he stopped and looked back at me meeowwing something. I just glanced shortly (posh glance) and hurried towards my car.

Tu saja kisa saya dan kucing hitam.

Typhoon Sue said...

kan? i knew I'm not the only one who realised it. lucunya diaorg nih.

dumb ke bell tu? tak lah... like me, my cats have many accessories. rantai dan loket masing2 ada beberapa pasang. takkan nak pakai yg sama ari2 kan? The locket with the initials tu ada lagi, tapi collar dia dah ketat. nak kena tukar collar len plak dulu.

by the way, it's Mopster, not munster, hehehe (As in a fancy MOP)

U nih.... dgn kucing pun nak berdrama... hehehe.
i love cats, but I don't really fancy black cats, especially if they're indoors. Reminds me of Salem from Sabrina the teenage witch. I imagine being stalked by a wizard or something if a black cat looks at me. *shudders*

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...


Tak boleh jadi ni. You got cats. Kak Teh got cats. Guess what? I USED to have cats! So there! Do I qualify? LOL

pugly said...

Ahem! Both Manal & Sue are on my FB friends list ;-)

Typhoon Sue said...

USED to have tak jadik. U must have one now to qualify.

err... qualify for what i dunno. a club maybe, let's call it The Pussy Gallore Club (can ah, Manal?)

ahem, ya. So, are there any evil plans towards us in you head right now?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Ceh...terasa aku. Y'know Sue, ppl (as in kengkawan lama, dulu tak pandang, sekarang tiba2 nak add aku pulak) seems nak berkawan dgn aku, pasal aku bernetwork London ke?

Pss...ko tanak ke add aku jadik kawan mu? My friends list sungguhlah ciput you...nampak benar anti sosial

Typhoon Sue said...

la. terasa apa plak dah...ko lain la, ko mmg dah dok kat sana. klu x taruk gambar london, gambar apa lagik ko nak taruk?

sbb ko dok london, glamer la pd sesetengah manusia ni... tu la pasal.. hahaha

eh, ko nak add aku ke? add le klu jumpa. aku x jumpa pun ko kat fb tuh

The Blueberry said...


Tak tahu ke Scrabulous dah dikeluarkan daripada FB sebab diorang kene saman dengan company yang pegang rights for the original Scrabble tu?...

PS: I pun kaki upload gambar hahahaaa sebab banyak sangat dalam hard disk (maklumle hobi fotografi) dan orang yang tengok tu takde hal punya cos I know them all. I don't blindly add any Timah, Devi dan Hannah to my FB, takots!!!

PPS: Frankly I tak kisah orang nak show off their travel pix sebab I tak dapat pergi tempat-tempat tu so dapat tengok and dengar their story pun ok.


Typhoon Sue said...

oooo... i tak tau pon psl scrabulous tu.

actually, upload travel pics tu x salah, tapi kena la pandai caranya supaya tak nampak macam nak menunjuk dan berlumba2 dgn org lain.
all of these ppl i'm talking abt are my friends too, (& maybe they even read my blog, i dunno!hahaha sapa makan cili dia la rasa pedas no!), but that doesn't mean there is no competition going on bw them all...especially after reunion cenggini...hahaha

Chahya said...

:)hmm...i so agree..