Monday, August 18, 2008

Blast From The Past- The Reunion

I don’t know why I was hesitant about going to a gathering of a small bunch of old friends. They are just old friends from school, not outcasts, not bullies, not enemies. Just some friends whom I used to see everyday until we all went our separate ways.

Being prone to over-analyzing things, I couldn’t help but did a post-mortem of my issues about going there. The fact that I had another event to go to was beside the point. What matters now is the reason why I didn’t immediately jump at the chance to catch up with old pals.

It came down to one reason- it was the realization that it has been THAT long since we left school. We were 17 then. We are 30-something now. Seeing friends from my younger years made me realize how old I am now.

Oh boy, so it’s that age issue again.


That aside, I did have a great time yesterday at Kelantan Delights.

I arrived about an hour after it started. Didn’t mean to make a grand entrance, nor was I fashionably late like a celebrity or something. I was just late. Like a klutz.

All in all, it was a great reunion. I had a blast. Till we meet again my friends.

Top: The huge orange blob (Moi), Mai, Zetti, Wani, Mira, Ajun, Tiya
Bottom: Suhaila, CT, Lin, Azida, Ida, Linda, Azil
My stupid camera chose this precious time t
o run out
of battery. Aargh! So, this is from my crappy cell phone.
Again, aargh!!

The good ol' days
Azil, Emy, Elly, Azida, Rory, Noroy & Moi

Mai, Ainun, Lini (Aruah), Aza, CT & Moi

I have so many more pix in my album but I'm not sure whether the individuals concerned would be too happy if I put 'em up here-- lots of crazy poses in inappropriate clothes I tell ya!

So, enough reminiscing for now methinks. It's time to get back to the present time and finish my work. So ciao.

P/S : After all that big noise about being shooed out of KLCC, Kelantan Delights moved to Sooka Sentral. Why lar???? There’s nobody there. We were the only patrons on a Sunday afternoon. And the restaurant closed at 6pm!!


a babe of very little brain (and short legs) said...

that huge orange blog looks like it has nice legs.

Typhoon Sue said...

I wish!!! That's just my crappy camera giving another illusion. It does that a lot.


Manal said...

Ini girls school reunion ke ape?

papadom_ullalla said...

OIC. Kelantan Delights di situ rupanya sekarang ni.

Kenapa blob? Camera shy ke?

Typhoon Sue said...

nope. but it was a reunion for girls only. itupun tak ramai sgt dtg.

a-ah. kat situ plak skang ni.
Jwpn: sbb i pemalu......
*batting eyelashes*

Anonymous said...

Seronok kan jumpa kawan lama? Sya x pernah miss pergi reunion.


Pi Bani said...

A few years back, a junior of mine who bumped into me exclaimed, "Kak Pi! You look exactly the same!"

I know for a fact I'm not the awet muda type, and when I looked at those old photos, hmmm... alamak... toye nya muka. So when she said I look exactly the same, she must have meant I still look just as toye. Aaarghh!!

Typhoon Sue said...

ya, it's fun. It's only my 2nd time at a reunion though. The 1st one was more than 10 years ago!

pi bani:
toye pun takpe lah. Janji, u're not forgotten.
I don't look the same though, although in terms of character someone remarked that it's still the ol' me. Guess I never grew up...heheh.

Chubby said...

It was a great time! Nope...dont put the pix here okay. Hope 2 c u in the next gath...

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

This is the first time I am visiting your site. Gelak I baca your jottings. Just to share with you..I was looking for the orange blob in the pic..tak jumpa.. Masyaallah then I saw the huge rectangular thingy kat tepi tu.. assued I'll be here again.. you are fun..!

Typhoon Sue said...

i seem to recall a pic of u clad in just a towel... mana nak cari gambar tu ntah..... what if i put that one here? hahahahaha
i can hear someone panicking already..

puteri kamaliah:
macamana tak nampak a huuuuuge orange blob? hehehe
thanks for visiting. i visited your blog a few days back, was that how u found mine?

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

thanks to kak teh, i am now visiting blogs i never knew existed (semua best-best) like there is no tomorrow! TQ for 'jalang-jalang' to my katakama..LOL