Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scrabble Babble

Ah, now I know why I couldn’t find Scrabulous on Facebook. Thanks Blueberry for the info!

Apparently Mattel, who owns the rights to the board game Scrabble has sued the developers of Scrabulous for copyright & trademark infringement and pending the outcome, has forced Facebook to remove the application from the social networking site.

The absence of Scrabulous on Facebook have bummed me out big time, and I can’t help but be angry at the developers for putting up Scrabulous in the first place to the unsuspecting public without proper licensing from the creator and owner of the original game Scrabble, thus having knowingly exposed the unsuspecting public (Read: me!) to the risk of being robbed off their enjoyment of the game at a point when they actually eat, breathe and sleep Scrabulous.

They think, just because they change the letters “b-l-e” to “u-l-o-u-s”, they can rip off everything else about the game and get away with it?

Of course I’m angry at Hasbro and Mattel too for not developing their own Scrabble application on Facebook. All these hassles could’ve been avoided if they had done so. Oh, wait a minute, they have just put such application up, but darn it! Scrabble Beta is only available in US & Canada for now. Aaarrrgh!!!!

In the meantime, I’m hunting high and low for a substitute game to keep me occupied. So, eventhough technically the unavailability of Scrabulous should make me more productive at work by as much as 50%, my search for another game keeps me busy the whole day and productivity is still somewhat below par, but who’s counting?

I miss my Scrabulous. I miss my quarrels with strangers over Scrabulous. I miss my Life in the Scrab Lane.

*sob sob*

I’m so freakin sad.


pugly said...

Tu, jigsaw puzzle tu ada lagi. Hiks.

Kak Teh said...

kak teh teramatlah suka scrabble - tried online scrabble once - but lost interest. Now, sebab tak ada scrabble partner, I am just playing spider solitaire...kesian, kan?

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Main lah game Age Of Empire...bunuh-bunuh punya oooo....

Typhoon Sue said...

jigsaw puzzle dah boring ah. Scrabulous jugak yg best.
Dah ada dah Scrabble game for those outside of US & Canada, but it works differently than Scrabulous. Less fun. Lecehlah..

online Scrabble mmg tak best sgt. Tak berapa user-friendly. Which was why I was only addicted to Scrabulous-- it was the best.
Spider solitaire je? lerr... kakteh, cuba la belajar2 main game yg baru2 sikit.

aku main jugak benda2 strategy & FPS & sim games tuh, tapi tak buleh le main kat opis, itu aku men kat umah aje.

Pi Bani said...

I love word games too. So bila dah boring main ajelah whatever word games yang available online, asalkan free. Tapi takdelah macam orang tu nak bergaduh with strangers over whatever unfamiliar words... :)

Anyway, wishing you Selamat Berpuasa!

Typhoon Sue said...

pi bani:
who? what? when? where?

selamat berpuasa to u too

Manal said...

La Sue, meh la increase our "Word IQ" with Scramble!

Chahya said...

my scrabble board is dusty..dah lama tak main :(


sour grape lah mattel ni...

Typhoon Sue said...

i takut le tgk ur scramble score yg tinggi gila tu..
i bru start main and not hooked on it yet. in fact, i can't even master the game!!
i'm so lousy at it i don't wanna play with anyone. Sori ye.

Board game i mmg dah hilang ke mana ntah. That's why i play online.