Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Animal Planet

My cats are not scared of dogs. Whenever JD, the next door neighbour’s 2 year old terrier comes out of his house, my 9 months old Mopster would always stealthily walk up to him assuming an attack stance and start hissing. Within seconds, there will be fight between them. Thank goodness for the fence or otherwise someone could really get hurt.

Mopster need only to hear JD bark at the door for her to go crazy inside the house and ask to be let out so she could go and kick JD’s butt.

Funny how Mopster is not at all scared of the bulky and loud 11 kg dog yet is so scared of the sound of the lawn mower 3 doors away that she would scamper away and hide in the bathroom behind the toilet bowl until the sound stops.

Last weekend, as the cats were outside, I heard JD whining and whimpering from behind his front door. I went out to check and found out that not only have my 3 cats climbed over to JD’s territory, they have actually made themselves very comfortable and at home in his kennel!!

No wonder the boy was whining.


My nephew Nabil wanted a kitten. His mummy said no.

Nabil then asked for a bunny. His mummy said no.

He later asked for hamsters. Again, his mummy said no.

“Oh, man!!” Nabil complained.

One day, his mummy came home from work to find him cleaning, toweling and talking to a polished rock from his garden. Feeling curious, she asked what he was doing.

Nabil answered, “I’m playing with my pet rock!!”.


I was chatting with Pugly today about lobsters and how they are often cooked/processed while they’re still alive and squirming. It reminded me of the following story:

My nephew Danial and his dad decided to go fishing at a lake in front of their new house. So off they went with their new fishing rods and a boxful of live worms. 15 minutes later, they returned.

My sister asked why.

“When we put the live bait on the hook, it squirmed. It wouldn’t stop. We could almost hear it scream in pain”, my brother-in-law said.

So that was the end of their fishing activity.

And so that's how Danial now has a thriving worm colony in a terrarium sitting prettily on his desk, next to his coca-cola can, and a plate of cookies.


Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

Sue, kiss Danial for me. I know I can love that boy given half the chance, for he has a heart of gold. I can't bear the thought of fishing because the hook will tear the ikan's mouth...kesiann..

The Plagiarist said...

i like worms. they're fascinating.

Kak Teh said...

one of my cats, gizmo, is actually adopted by nextdoor neighbour who has three huge alsatians..and they all get along well. I am quite worried cos the alsatians are quite rough - tapi macam mana nak habark kat Gizmo jangan dok pi main kat sana?

Manal said...

Hmmm...seems like proverbs like gaduh mcm anjing and kucing, raining cats and dogs, dont apply much these days eh? if dogs can be in good terms with their long live nemesis,cats, then they shud be an evolving sort of animal who tried to emulate mankind. But unfortunately, humans are those who never stops creating wars and hatred like forever?

Even kucing nowadays pon dah tak kill tikus ok...some are actually afraid to go near them mice too?!

pugly said...

I suppose like master, like cats, huh? :-) Your kitties are soooooo you.

& for godssakes, please get Nabil something living & breathing to play with before this kid develops some kind of psychotic disorder.

Pi Bani said...

I don't have any pets but that never stopped various animals from cari makan around my home (I dok kat rumah kampung so compound luas jugaklah). Kucing ada mari... ayam ada mari... tupai ada mari... biawak pun ada mari... and on occasions, you may even see ular and monyet outside.

There's this one male cat which always wait for me to campak leftover lauk outside for him to gobble. The other day I dok campak lauk keluar, the ayam got to it first. And this kucing was actually afraid to go near and sibuklah dia dok mengiau-ngiau kat I... sort of mintak tolong I halaukan ayam tu untuk dia! And I was thinking... hish! Tak macho langsung punya kucing jantan!

Tak kuasa I nak layan kucing tu. Kalau kucing bela and pampered understandable le jugak. Ini kucing tu setakat perasan I bela dia je...

Typhoon Sue said...

will do. Danial is an animal lover. He's at his gentlest with animals. Not so much with human beings though.... he bullies me all the time!!

I geli dgn worms... eeeiiii!

some cats can actually get along with some dogs. It's a matter of chemistry I think. Gizmo must love their company so much to keep going back there. Maybe dia rasa alsatians tu bodyguard or big bros dia kut? I remember the time when I kena kejar dgn alsatians kat Bkt Tunku. Scarrrryyyyyy!!

the proverb still apply to my cats. Won't apply to JD though. I think, if my cats are not hostile towards him, JD would've been the kind of dog who would befriend a cat.

Abt tikus, my cats main dgn toy mouse aje. Klu ada tikus, musti dia takut. Tupai kat garden pun dia takut!!
(Heran ye, tupai takut, anjing tak!)

the cats are a lil samseng ya, but they didn't get it from me, for I am an angel...

No worries abt Nabil. He's an smart, active and talkative kid who can always find something to play with. The pet rock thingy, it's just a phase -- lasted for about 2 days! Ah, the perils of an only child....

eh, tak cukup dgn Buddies, u run animal shelter at home pulak ke?

klu time makan, kucing takut dgn ayam taww! Sbb ayam ada weapon, sekali dia patuk, berlubang kepala kucin tu nanti... haha