Monday, September 15, 2008

Typhoon Sue, The Beginning

Friends have asked me, why Typhoon Sue?

Gee, I dunno.

I coined the stupid name not long after Hurricane Emily hit Mexico (that was in 2005) followed by Hurricane Katrina in Florida and New Orleans. I guess I was trying to keep in line with current events at the time.

Storm, by any name, spells disaster and it is not one which man can easily overcome. Its raw power invokes awe yet leaves devastation in its wake. Thus, I thought it’s cool to name myself after one of these awesome events. But instead of going by the handle ‘hurricane’, which always remind me of that song Rock You Like A Hurricane, I chose another type of tropical storm, typhoon, which sounded much more uncommon.

And then Sue, being my actual name obviously, well, part of anyway.

So that’s the roundabout explanation on how my moniker came about, more or less. To be honest however, rationalization is often a mere afterthought, and this obviously is.

The actual truth is, the creation of the name was rather accidental in nature. I was just trying to create a new phony email account and the usernames I had in mind were all unavailable. So I just created one stupid name after another, mostly based on my favourite X-Men character Storm, without any thought whatsoever until lo and behold, I found one available variation which eventually evolved to Typhoon Sue).

And the next morning I wondered “What the hell kinda name is that???”.

But I’m stuck with it and I have no wish to go name hunting again. So there you go.


Kak Teh said...

Sue, your name spells a lot of trouble spoonerism moi - to me you are always syphoon tue. When I first saw your nick, I thought your site must be a riot of a blog.
When i created mine, it was in the middle of the nite - I am so not creative and very original - so kak teh it was and it is.

Manal said...

Some pakistani pet bro spelled out Ace as " A Cocky Egyptian" . Manal is my name la...Truth on the "ace" word is simply to find something that equates : the best, numero uno, surpreme, succeeding,ze great, and etc, and ACE sums/says it all. Ringkas as my name, so voila : ace manal

I teringat Typhoo tea, and thot Typhoon Sue suka minum Typhoo tea. Such a tea-lover that I am!

pugly said...

Owh I was wrong all this while. I thought you chose that moniker to reflect your tempestuous nature ... ala2 'kepala angin' gitu, but a notch more dangerous, so instead of 'wind', you chose 'typhoon'.

Right, I definitely have an overactive imagination here :-)

Typhoon Sue said...

syphoon tue sounds good too... y didn't i think of that?? haha
not such a riot isn't it?

i figured 'ace' must be bcoz u're an achiever or something. I'm right... :-)

nah, nothin' 2 do with my kepala angin. I'm just a fan of halle berry/storm/x-men