Monday, October 20, 2008


Some people display no loyalty whatsoever to the people they call friends. They speak nicely to you, share their thoughts with you on a daily basis, pretend that they care about your well-being, and then they turn around and gossip about you with other people.

Such is life. Some ‘friends’ will stab you in the back the very first chance they get.

I am very disappointed.


Kak Teh said...

kesian sue. tak pa - cats are better - they only scratch.
errr btw - convent still better than sas.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Sue - tell them to GTH. They ain't no friends. Stick to that cutiepie in the pix.. he/she is worth every second :)

Typhoon Sue said...

ya. cats are the best

school rivalry never ends eh?
by the way, SAS is the best!

Ain't no friends of mine no more. They're mere acquaintances now. I can chat with em at times, but that's abt it.
Ya, that lil cutie is worth every second.

Pi Bani said...

Waduh waduh... first posting lepas raya terus cerita pasal backstabbing? Lantak pi depa lah Sue oi (tapi jangan Pi pulak yang kena lantak tau!).

Cheer up Sue!

pugly said...

Darling, there's plenty of those around. & there'll be more. Unfortunately, there's little we can do about these sorts except ignore them completely the moment we find out about their 'loyalty'.

My advice is: Don't worry too much about it. Banyak lagi orang kita boleh buat kawan. Baik you kawan dgn I kan? Boleh kita bitch about these kind of people together-gether. Hiks.

Manal said...

Alahaiiiii....i guess this month of forgiveness and forgivings didnt bring any positive impact to those hati busuk nya people....Dah la setan free balik kan.

Now i wonder, shud I go make meself buddy buddy with u too? Kita baik tawwwww....or kita join Pugly nak, she ratu bitch one. If anything, msg me in FB!

pugly said...

Ratu bitch??! Oy! Aku baru nak resolve to be less of a biatch! LOL!

(I'll take that as a compliment, neways. Hiks.)

Typhoon Sue said...

Eh… lepas raya kena cakap pasal raya je ke? :-)

Haven’t been in the mood to write anything lately. Tu yg terus tulis pasal backstabbing tuh…

Ya. Met quite a number of them all thru my life. Not the first time this happened to me, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Bulan aje yg bermaaf-maafan, org2 tu tak pun……
By the way, ya, she ratu bitch one…. hahahaha

Once a bitch, always a bitch.

*****By the way, how come nobody commented on how appropriate that picture of my Pippin lookin' so sad and disappointed?

Manal said...

Since u asked, i thot that Pippin looking like he's bored and might be spewing words like: Woteva....

Or is he echoing your annoyance on those backstabbers?

But it looks healthy enuf to me. Prolly coz he's been avoiding rendang and hence tak kena sakit perut.

Typhoon Sue said...

she's just sad....
does that everytime I wouldn't let her out of the house

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Kena tikam ye? Kesiyan kucing ittew....

the witch's broo said...


there are always these kind of people around you...

and you only know what they are after the you've found out what they've been up to...

take care, sue!

Kamelia Nisha said...

that is so true.

Typhoon Sue said...

ye. kucing ini sedang sakit hati..

the witch's broo:
too bad isn't it?