Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chatty Kitty

Last weekend, my kitties were begging me to let them play outside. I refused to do that as it was going to rain. Undaunted, Mopster kept following me around the house, running here and there wherever I moved, climbing on shelves and TV cabinet just to look me in the eyes so that she could ask me in her own cute little ways to let her out. Sighing, I picked her up and sat down on the sofa, holding her against my chest so that her face is level with mine.

“Why do you wanna go out so much? You should stay indoors. You can play with your toys. If you go outside, you’ll eat grass, and then you throw up. That’s not good.”, I talked to Mopster like a mother would to her child.

“So, why don’t we just stay indoors? Ok, Mopster? We just play in here, ok?”, I asked repeatedly, as if she was ever gonna say yes.

But boy, was I taken aback… for I could’ve sworn Mopster shook her head and said *“AMMAU!!!”

*Ammau: a childlike version of ‘tak mau’.


Kama At-Tarawis said...

Hahahahahaha !
That's soooo cute!

Kak Teh said...

hahaha! I swear mine pun kata macam tu. The house seems so crowded these days sebab sejuk and they refused to go out.

mekyam said...

pandainya mopster! she looks so darling.

pugly said...


Girl, it's not the kitties that need to go out more, it's YOU!

mamasita said...

Hai..I don't have a kitty at home but my daughter has one and is cute and cuddly like one of yours.
Hes like an alarm clock to her at times.Just the other day,he was meowing many times near the washing machine.He loves the smell of the detergent and conditioner when the machine is running.Then while my daughter was watching TV,he came in and out of the washing-machine room meowing.The water from the machine did not flow out as it should and had stopped running.My;what do you make of that?
Another time was when I had defrosted the fridge and left for Kuantan.Thought my daughter would have noticed the overloaded tray at the back of the fridge?He went to and fro with his wet fur to let her know there's extra water behind the fridge!Coincidence?I am beginning to believe that they are extremely intelligent animals!So your mopster must have said "tak mau" cos my Hiro is a nanny!haha

Manal said...

Look what u have made it become? Thats what happen when animals live too close or with human beings. Even lipas pon tau yg i akan bunuh dia so dia cepat2 nyorok bila nampak i, and ade yg siap masuk bawah doormat near the toilet? And some cats yg dok relax jer bila i nak park my car in our porch? Macam tau2 jer i wont run into them and so can they can lie lazily watching me in the act.

Soon, they learn to read too...(charlotte's web)

Roti Kacang Merah said...

hehehehe CUTE giler!

boleh kawan dengan my Labu Labi here or here.

Typhoon Sue said...

kan? she was just like a child throwing tantrum... "Ammau!!"

Yours don’t wanna go out.
Mine wants to out all the time.
Cats have a mind of their own don't they?

Ah, that’s my darling alright..

if i go out anymore than i already do, then who's gonna watch 'em kitties at home?

Oh yes, they are extremely intelligent animals. They can tell days, they know the storm’s coming, and they understand routine stuff. My kitties know very well if I’m leaving the house for a few nights (max 3 nights saja). Whenever they see 3 big bowls of kibble on the food kiosk and 3 litter boxes in the corner, they’ll stare me down with a sad look that says, “You’re leaving us again, aren’t you…??” Breaks my heart to step out the door every time..

Eh, lipas memang intelligent insects tau! Dulu I selalu pakai itu roach trap yg bentuk macam rumah tu—used to catch a lot of ‘em filthy insects. Now, taruk le benda tu sebulan pun, haram sekor pun tak kena. They learned. Very smart those insects…

Roti kacang merah:
Saw the video. Hahahaha! So cute..

mekyam said...


can't help but notice tous les mots français scattered çà et là chez toi. also that you listen to the soft cooings of president sarkozy's personal chanteuse.

wonder if you happen to be a person pandai parlez.

p.s. i suka belle du barry (of paris combo). pernah dengar tak?

Typhoon Sue said...

un peu français
J'ai étudié le français pour une annee
puis j'ai quitté la classe et j'ai oublié tout
Je suis horrible à elle

never heard of belle du barry. nice?

Pok Deng said...

Miahahahaha!!! I like! I like!! Shuwweeeeet.....

BTW, I was reminded by that TV adds. You know, that robbers yang masuk rumah adibah noor tu. The perompak duo talked in cats' language to deceive the sleeping owners.


(okay, this doesn't make any sense if you live outside malaysia)

mekyam said...

what a pity, sue! you have to regain it. no one touched by french should forget it. ;D

as for the singer... son nom s'écrit avec un "e" -- comme ça : 'belle du berry' -- pas 'barry'. ma faute. pardon!

her songs are very catchy and unconventional. it's the kind of jazz that's reminiscent of swing and other pre-rock styles. as i said, she fronts the group 'paris combo'.

if you have a chance, check her out on utube. her 'living room' was a big hit a few years ago. mes préférées particulières btw sont 'attraction' 'pas à pas' et bien sûr 'living room'.

p.s. le word veri est d'accord avec moi. il a dit "inizeshi". hehehe!

mekyam said...

i just saw roti kacang merah's "mau ke tak mau".

pandainya labu labi... mauuuu! :D

Zeelicious MeowMeow said...

can i share something about cats and grass?
actually it's good if cats nibble on grass once a while and vomits after that..
it's for them to vomit out their fur ball much more easily so actually it's a health benefit for them.. :)
but make sure the grass is chemical free, maybe you can bring some inside for them rather than letting your babies going out right..
hope you don't mind me sharing here.. :D

Owh,sometimes my babies meow sounded like 'mau mau'(mahu mahu) too..
huhu..i think give them another 10 years then maybe they will be able to join us for some chit chats..lol.. :)

Typhoon Sue said...

pok deng:
ya, i remember the ads. Funny

u lost me there.... I'm scrambling for a dictionary now... hahaha
ok. I'll check her out.

ya, that's what everybody said abt the grass. But it's not so good when you are the one having to clean up the vomit afterwards right?