Thursday, November 06, 2008


As I sat in my office reading everything I could find online on Obama, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how it is celebrated all over the world, this historic win of his. Of course, it is understandably a huge piece of news, for this new President-elect for the U.S of A is unlike any that they have had before, least of all, the current babbling, choking-on-pretzel President.

I understand the massive celebrations held in Kenya, as well Indonesia, for Obama has some connections to those parts of the world. But for the rest of us, particularly Malaysia, why are we celebrating so much?

I suppose, the lot of us celebrate because there is a certain sense of “if he can do it, we can do it too” feel. Given our own current political climate, many of us need to believe that things are going to change here too. Maybe that’s why we celebrate—because it brings hope. But let’s not go overboard, shall we? Obama is after all, an American President-elect, not Malaysian PM. To say that things are going to change here following his win is too much of a stretch. Granted, we all want things to change in our own backyard, but that’s probably not going to happen so soon. So, let’s just work together to find solutions to our current issues and try to make a little bit of difference each day. Change doesn’t come overnight, so perseverance is crucial.

At the same time, we also hope that Obama lives up to global expectations and be the kind of U.S President that will lead his country in a less arrogant way when dealing with other countries, including ours. Enough of the rhetoric, let us just wait and see what this guy can actually do.


At the breakfast table today, I heard some idiots proclaiming that Obama has a Malaysian connection too, and that for such reason, we must embrace him as our saviour.


The fact that his Indonesian step-sister (or half-sister, I dunno!) married a Canadian Chinese with Malaysian-born parents does not make him one of us lah bongok!!


I have to admit, Obama’s win inspires me somewhat, although it may not be in any way political or anything remotely connected to America and its policies.

On my way to work today, inspired to make a change for myself, I resolved to start up my own firm, instead of working for some idiots like I have been doing for many many years now. Hopefully, not having to answer to a sheep, or any other dodo out there who stresses the crap out of me on a daily basis will make me a better person in every sense of the word.


I shall be saying bye-bye to this stinking place very soon, and into a new and exciting world of self-employment. I thank Obama for inspiring me to take this step.


pugly said...

For such a change to happen in Malaysia? Wishful thinking, I'd say. Too much a mess, too deep a shit.

But don't mind me. That's just me being my cynical old self :-)

Pi Bani said...

Go Sue go! Take that step and set up your own firm. Employ your own staff and let them answer to their boss the sheep! Ooops, that'll be you, eh? Sorry, kesilapan yang disengajakan... ;)

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

A'ah...yes we can, yes we can..apa ke hal nya kan? What can we do actually? Najib will be the PM...of course he can lah sebab takde org berani nak lawan...

On the other hand, I'm sure you can...for all you know, you might find the sheep application form among the others...muahahahaha...

typhoon sue said...

it may be difficult but it's not entirely impossible y'know.

pi bani:

anything can happen makji. it may not be so fast, but change may come eventually.

if the sheep applies for anything which I am in control of, mmg dia nak kena sembelih.... :-)

Manal said...

Waaaa....good on you indeed....But would it be more on contractual thingy or a firm that holds just any case including those malaysian celebrities?

Another thing malaysians soo hyped on this o-ba-ma elect is his middle name Hussein. 1st of all, they prolly shud hate his daddy who didnt practise his grandparents religion and dont the malaysian muslim against any "apostate" sort of ppl? 2nd is he has declared himself a Christian and his middle name shudve been Steve or something (refer to his speeches in youtube). But to me, he brought this "fresh hope" so to speak. But then, Collin Powell and Condi Rice preceded him in terms of world power with those Secretary General post for UN and US respectively. And Obama is practising what any(most) US president would do: electing some jewish fellas as their right people. IN short, he is a typical American but with different upbringing experiences.

All I hope is that he aint just some "fresh prince of bel-air" but a reformed man who brings positive impacts throughout the world. And that he wont get assassinated because of his skin colour. Coz all i care now is to see him doing the "Change". Otherwise, he's just another democrat pres-elect to me (but also as someone i'd like to meet hehe...)

Typhoon Sue said...

i hv a wide range of experience in litigation and also non-contentious matters, so yeah, contractual stuff is a must, as well other stuff too.

his middle name is just a name. Many african-americans who hv arabic names don't even know that their names are arabic or muslim. They take it as an african name. Remember Aaliyah? To us, it's a Muslim name. To her, it's african.

The time for rhetorics have ended. It's now time for him to get to work. Let's see what this guy can do. I hope he's not just another NATO type, y'know, No Action Talk Only..

Kak Teh said...

sue, a new and exciting world of self employment? Wow, this is a real challenge. That happened to me some 20 years ago - God, i didnt realise its some twenty years ago.
All the best to you.

mekyam said...

hi sue,

first comment but not first visit.

cute cats! comel lote belaka!

that you as a child, in the b&w? comel lote gak, btw.

re obama, so far everything i've seen [in person, only once], heard and read of this guy impresses me giler.

that's no yardstick, of course, since i could be one easily impressed. just thought i'd weigh in on his plusses. :D

Typhoon Sue said...

thanks. i'll need all the luck i can get.

thanks mekyam, the cats r cute i agree. The b&w pic of me, not so much (I'm being modest lah... what the heck, of course I'm cute!!! hahaha)

yea, all that obama has said seems impressive allright... but he has yet to prove anything. Hasn't shown much in his 4 years in the senate (2 of which he spent on the campaign trails). So we'll just have to wait and see then

mekyam said...


i agree. we'll have to wait and see. the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. given the special interests that will bear on him and the vagaries of US politics, which have been known to thwart the more well-intentioned of her leaders in quite horrendous ways, i say that with a small prayer.

as for his skimpy 4 years on capitol hill, people know that US junior senators can't do much. even hillary (former first lady and wife of a popular ex-president that she is) couldn't. you have to be fossilised like mccain or at least grow roots of oak proportions within the dc beltway before you can make your presence felt in that august house.

obama's record has to be seen in toto. perhaps from his student days in columbia and harvard to the time he quitted the big bucks of midtown manhattan and an extremely promising corporate future to slum it as a community organiser in one of the poorest hoods of chicago (seen as a thankless endeavour by many) to teaching law at the uni of chicago while continuing with community work to finally inching his way to become the democrat hopeful. only then will one see a trail of serious contributions to society, both intellectually and socially. it shows a record of someone who seeks to find solutions to problems, someone who can and is not afraid of work and challenges.

i guess what impresses me even more about the man is the quiet balance, the sense of purpose and the unflappable demeanour. one senses always a little reflection before his opens his mouth. it's not the usual pause of a politician trying to remember his prepared script but the kind one gets from someone who really measures his thoughts because he cares about his answers.

all that kinda lend credence to his records, to me lah. that the man is articulate and charismatic too are simply cherries. :D

mekyam said...

oops! all that babling as though i'm an obama campaign volunteer made me forget what i actually wanted to say...

the very best of luck on embarking on self-employment, sue!

you won't regret it. just make sure not to work in jammies or baju kelawar when working at home. if you don't have kids to wear you down, such indulgences may result in the spreading of hips and the increasing of waistline.

Kak Teh said...

mek yam (tumpang lalu) how come you are describing me there in your last para? that waistline bit - it hurts , you know.

mekyam said...

kt (tumpang lalu also),

hahahaha! [you are such a card!]

sori! sori! i was looking south at myself while typing that warning which i wished i had had. ;D

p.s. the sinister word veri sagely murmured "fededoth".

Typhoon Sue said...

probably not his campaign volunteer, but u're definitely his biggest fan..

alahai... perasan pulak... :-)