Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Little Linguist

My nephew Danial speaks English very confidently. He may not get the grammar right every single time (neither do I for that matter, but who cares?), but he never let that stop him from saying anything. Sure, he mostly speaks what my sister calls the Disney language, ie; words and phrases picked up from cartoon shows, but isn’t that how kids learn English these days?

In fact, that’s also how I learned English. We didn’t have the Disney Channel then, but we did have the Mickey Mouse Club, along with other kiddy shows like The Electric Company and Sesame Street, and cartoons shows like Woody Woodpecker, Mighty Mouse, Tom & Jerry and many others. Boy, did I learn English from them all!!

Danial’s vocabulary is rather impressive too. I don’t think I could speak like that when I was his age. He once described to me in detail, a science experiment that he saw on the Discovery Channel, using words like trajectory and some others that I can’t even remember, let alone understand.

Of course, he has a habit of making up words too, so if he had just created some while talking to me, the joke was on me indeed.

The other day, Danial went to a friend’s birthday party and was chatting away with a Mat Salleh lady he met there. The lady was asking him all sorts of questions, including that about his parents’ occupation.

Danial knew that his father is an anesthesiologist, but he only knew how to say it in the Malay language, which is Pakar Bius.

So, imagine the look of horror on the lady’s face when Danial confidently told her that his dad is a Bius-er.


Kak Teh said...

hahahaahaa!so is my brother in law!

mekyam said...

the innovative gems that come out of the mouths of babes...

that's definitely a promising philolgist you have there, sue. :D

p.s. the wv agrees with me. it says oo benno

mamasita said...

hahahahaha..memang anak bertuah betul!hahahaha

Manal said...

Next time mak pak danial kena explain what they do in smaller words la so that whenever he couldnt get the right term , he may as well be happy to describe what it is...

Teringat citer Liar Liar when the teacher asked Max what does his father do and confident jer dia jawab: He's a liaar! Well, he wears a suit and goes to court and talks to the judge.

I pon suka Electric Company! does that means we were geeks?

Typhoon Sue said...

that's it. All the pakar bius in this country are officially abusers, ooops, I mean, biusers...

ya, he is isn't he? suka hati mak nenek dia aje nak cakap apa2 pun...

word veri mmg eerie gitew. It's like it taps into our mind or something..

mmg bertuah. he comes up with the craziest things sometimes

actually, he knows how to describe it, so if anybody asked for clarification, he could explain.
although, he also has a habit of not giving a straight answer even when he knows it. Like, before that Mat salleh lady asked abt his dad, she asked abt his mom, and Danial, instead of saying his mom is an eye surgeon or eye doctor, told her that his mom 'fixes eyes'. *Sigh*

Eh... Electric Company was cool hapa..? Jgn la kata geek..

J.T. said...

Hi Sue

wow.. I remember those shows - Sesame Street, Electric Company, etc. Cartoons created lasting impressions and we would learn phrases from those characters. I used to pick up phrases from Beano magazine too. Those were the days.

Anyway, here's wishing you a splendid New Year. All the best and may those who bothered you in the office this year be less bothersome next year. :)

nuraina samad said...

Hi Sue,

Isn't that just so Danial?

Anyway, I know you're taking a break....but here's wishing you a very Happy New Year! God bless!

Typhoon Sue said...

thanks dear. Those who bothered me in the office in 2008 shall never bother me again for as long as i live, coz I'm outta there!

Happy New year to you too.