Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calling Mr. Fauzul!

I have been using the same mobile number since the year 2000. Unlike some people who keep losing their cell phones or changing their numbers, I’ve never once lost mine or changed its number, well, at least I didn’t lose it permanently anyway. I accidentally left my cell phone in a cab sometime in 2004 but lucky for me the cab driver was gracious enough to return it to me.

In hindsight, I think he returned it because he realized that the Nokia 1210 he found was so crappy and worthless that he would make more money if he actually return the old contraption to the owner instead of trying to sell it off.

Oh well, I gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway,.. you are truly an angel Mr. Cab-Man for returning my phone. Here’s 20 bucks for your trouble.

Anyway, I changed my cell phone 3 times since then but the number remains the same. Since day 1 of me using that number, I have been receiving calls from people looking for one Mr. Fauzul, whom I assume must be the previous user of that ever so beautiful number (IT IS beautiful, I assure you). Politely, I would tell them that it’s the wrong number and then they would apologize and then we both hung up. End of story.

Now, 9 years later, once in 2, 3 months, I still receive calls from people looking for this Fauzul fella. It’s getting very very annoying. Don’t these people tell their friends when they change their number?

Worse, one time, someone left a message for him and guess what? It was his mother!!! Goodness gracious!

I’ve actually run out of creative ideas on the appropriate responses when receiving these calls. I’ve been polite, I’ve been business-like, I’ve been curt and I’ve been mean. It all depends on the mood of the moment.

One time, a child called looking for his Uncle Zul, I actually entertained the little fella when he didn’t understand what wrong number means. Well, at least until he asked me to sing a song for him. I draw the line at serenading strangers!

Another time, the caller insinuated something inappropriate when he called at 2 in the morning and was surprised to hear a woman answering the call instead of the male friend he expected. I actually spewed a flurry of curses down the line …. never mind who that idiot was, he didn’t know me anyway.

Last night someone called for him again and I told her that Fauzul is dead and that as his grieving widow, every call like this one would make my heart bleed all over again. Suffice to say, the caller was stumped!

I hope it wasn’t his mother!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


It’s the New Year.

Everybody was all happy, happy, joy, joy. Firework display lighted up the sky all over the world. Parties were held everywhere. Toasts and cheers went on all night. People got drunk in the streets. Lovers danced the night away. Kids forced themselves to stay awake so as not to miss all the fun.

In the end, the streets are littered with garbage and many people woke up with hangovers on New Year’s Day. It’s the New Year, it’s time to let loose, they say.

Hmmm. Whatever.

What is the significance of New Year, really?

Is there anything so particularly special in the fact that the earth is in the exact same place it was in the solar system 12 months ago after completing a whole circle around the sun? I’m sure on 2nd January 2009, the earth would be in the exact same place in the solar system as it was on 2nd January 2008. Likewise, on 3rd January 2009, or 4th or 5th. In fact, just pick a date, any date.

Other than being the returning date of the so-called 1st day of the calendar year, it is not actually an anniversary of any particular occasion, is it?

So what is it that is so particularly special about this day, this January 1st? Did the sun come out differently or something?

I guess, what is deemed special about this day is more abstract than it is tangible. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Technically, we can have new beginnings at any point during the year. It doesn’t have to be on New Year’s Day at all.

But having a specific date which has long been assigned and accepted universally as the day for new beginnings probably have a special meaning. It brings a certain ethereal quality to it, as if it is a supernaturally blessed day to begin a new life.

Thus the endless clichés we often hear about New Year resolutions and opening a new chapter and blah blah blah...

I have long ago learnt that New Year’s Resolutions have no effect whatsoever on me. I can resolve all I want, but I never manage to make it happen. I resolved to lose weight, I gained more instead. I resolved to further my studies, I didn’t even manage to submit my application. I resolved to save money, I ended up buying more junks at the endless sales.

So this year, there is no resolution.

2008 was a difficult year for me, personally and professionally. Towards the end, I was consumed with so much rage and hatred that I have never thought I could ever feel.

People say that hate in your heart will consume you too (actually, Will Smith said it). I’d hate for it to consume me, but at the moment I can’t make myself stop hating things. In fact, I think, I actually do not wish to stop hating things. It keeps me on my toes. It somehow makes me feel alive. Most importantly, this hate in my heart heightens my appreciation for all the things I adore. I feel like I can love something more dearly now than I have ever loved before. I know it probably doesn’t make sense, but the heart wants what it wants, so, y’know…*shrugs*

I hope this year brings out the best in me in whatever I do. And having a bit of luck in everything I do doesn’t hurt either, so I wish for that too.

Happy New Year everyone, and I hope that all your wishes will come true this year.