Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s my birthday today and for the first time in many many years, I missed the exact time of my birth as I woke up late. It has been a kind of a ritual for me, singing happy birthday to myself at precisely 7.15 am on 20th March every year. I missed the exact time this year, but I did it anyway, at 7.45 am on my bed, half an hour late.

It’s no big deal really, but I can’t help but feel bad about it. It’s a ritual which I made up years ago. There is neither a cultural element nor any superstition attached to it. Yet, I feel like I have missed an opportunity of a lifetime. I have no idea why but I hope it’s not a bad sign of things to come.

Too many things are changing around me. I am in a bit of a whirlwind and I can’t get out of it. It’s dizzying and it’s getting out of control.

I have been ignoring things that are important to me and I get too wrapped up in the nitty-gritty that has no significant impact in my life rather than focusing on what’s important and life-changing. Prioritisation is not my strong suit, I tell ya that! I have projects lined out but I am unable to concentrate. Perhaps I need to abandon everything, take a year off and go travel the world. I dunno.

Ah well, life is hard, we all know that. But I’ll worry about it tomorrow. Today, I’ll just chill out a bit. I’m having lunch with a friend today, and thereafter, I’ll go on a shopping spree—that’s another ritual I do every year on my birthday and I sure as hell am not gonna miss this one!!

Happy birthday to me.


naz said...

Many many happy returns of the day!

Kak Teh said...

happy birthday sue, i have been having lots of internet problems..susah nak dapat last boleh juga wish you a very2 happy birthday!

Kama said...


Many happy returns.. take a break, go abroad (psstt.. go annoy Kak teh in London or Naz in Norway..)

Eve Orchid said...

Happy Birthday dear. You share the same birthday with someone very special in my life >D

Eve Orchid said...

Happy Birthday dear. You share the same birthday with someone very special in my life >D

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Happy Birthday Sue...apa resolotion umur baru ni? Carik laki ke?

Tranquility said...

Tried that too, finally gave up.. bloody hard to stay awake at 2.15am

Manal said...

Banyak shopping on ur bday? I saw that on FB , nak leave u a msg, but dunno why terlupaaaaa....sorry la ya kawan!

Best wishes to u and may many more birthday to come. Yo la makji esah, kot la kucing 3 ekor tu one day tanya, daddy mana?

mekyam said...

belated happy b'day, sue!

hope you had a great one.

typhoon sue said...

u're not mad at me, are u?

thank you.

thanks. i gi annoy u aje buleh tak? :-)

eve orchid:
tq and happy birthday to that someone very special in ur life too..

tq. ish... tak kosa aku nak carik laki ke hapa. baik aku cari duit byk2 so that nanti buleh beli maserati

haha.. thank goodness mine's in the morning.

thanks. kucin2 i tak kesah ada daddy ke idak. so long as mummy feed them well and buys them lotsa toys, they're happy

thanks. i did, to my own surprise. i thought it was gonna be one of those depressing days. thankfully i was wrong.

naz said...

no...not at all!..will wait!