Monday, March 30, 2009

Lights Off!

I was at KLIA at the time of that thingy everyone calls the Earth Hour, so I was blissfully unaware whether that campaign was successful or not. But then again, how do we measure the success, if it indeed was? Do we measure it by the number of people who actually sat in the dark for an hour with the air-con at full blast? Or by the number of people burning their car fuel to go out partying in the dark?

The commercialization of the campaign is much to the chagrin of the people who are genuinely concerned about global warming. The latter would tell the campaigners/participants that their 1 hour of lights off is a mere gimmick and would not make a difference at all, while the campaigners/participants would tell the latter to lighten up (pun intended) about the whole thing.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the campaign, and just because I didn’t participate in it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the environment. A lot of us do care, and we do what we can to conserve energy in our own ways. It’s just so funny that a lot of people actually used more energy in conjunction with that campaign, than they would have used in that one hour if they did not participate at all. Ah well, life is funny that way.

Speaking of lights off, my lights are indeed off. I have 2 broken light fixtures at home and I need to get it replaced. So, I browsed through some online lights shop, just to see what my options are, eventhough I know I would prefer to buy these things at the nearest Seng Hup, (or is it Seng Heng?) or similar shops than buying online.

Anyway, the options available at one particular site are fairly good. It has lots of cool light fixtures for the indoors and outdoors, and in various shapes and styles.

I looked at the selections for home lighting and the choices are all really nice. I only need something practical, nothing fancy schmancy for my home. It has all the choices I need. Then I looked at the bathroom light fixtures, and again, I’m looking at practical and they have lots of those there. Cool.

Then, I looked at chandeliers. Oh man,.. these are gorgeous! I wanna rip up my still functioning living room light fixtures and put one of these babies up there… until I remembered that my cats shed their hair all the way up to the ceiling! There’s no way I’m gonna collect cat hairs with a hard-to-clean chandelier, man!

One day, when I own a mansion and hires 20 housekeepers to keep the whole place spick-and-span, I’ll get one of these beauties. For now, I’ll just hop on to Seng Heng, or Seng Hup, (whatever!) and buy something cheap. So long as my dining room and bathroom are lighted up, I’ll be happy with what I have.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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