Thursday, March 05, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

Have you ever purchased anything online? Many people I know have a certain fear of online shopping, particularly in light of the rising number of credit card fraud and internet scams these days. Their fear is not totally irrational or unfounded. There have been many cases of such fraud and scams happening online. It’s scary what a click on the mouse can do to your entire life.

When I first started shopping online a few years ago, I was very worried that someone might steal my credit card information and go shopping till they drop. Then I remembered that, hey… I don’t have that much available credit to begin with, so I suppose there’s not much they can steal from me anyway. So I continued shopping, and from that very first purchase- a book from I was hooked.

I don’t shop online all the time. Many of the things I need can be purchased at the various stores in the city. I am one of those people who would rather hold, touch and read the label from A-Z before I buy anything, so online shopping is always a last resort for me. Besides, being in KL, if ever I buy anything from US or UK, the delivery charges are sometimes more expensive that the items I want to buy. So, that’s a bit of a put-off.

Sometimes, I visit shopping sites just to do some window shopping and then I find some items I have been eyeing to buy at the stores near me, at a fraction of the cost (yes, even with the delivery charges!). So, if you can get it for less, why not?

I found this new site, Well, I don’t know if it’s actually new or not –I just found it, so it’s new to me- *shrugs*.

This website fascinates me. It’s cute and very pleasing to my eyes. They have listings of just about anything you can buy online. What I like most about it is that is gives you tips, guides and recommendations about the things you want to purchase, so that you can buy something that really suits your purpose. So, I think that’s cool.

I checked out the Pets section (obviously, since I am a mother of 3 cats!), and was really amazed at the options available for cats accessories. My cats already have several very fancy collars and I am still shopping for more! What a way to waste money in these hard times, eh?

There’s a section for everyone I think, young and old. Games lovers would be pleased to see to many items available there. I am not much of a games enthusiast myself, but I do know what an Xbox is – it is a box of games….haha.

Anyway, I like the explanation at about the Xbox 360. It’s ‘All You (Read:I) Ever Wanted to Know About the 360 But Were Afraid to Ask’ because it would make me look stupid and my nephews would roll their eyes at me. Now, I feel slightly more knowledgeable about games and can’t wait to show it off. So, I checked the options available for games at this link and the accessories at this link, and I am like, I gotta get me one of these….

At this rate, I’ll go broke in about an hour. *Sigh*


ofoleet said...

Saya tak pernah shopping kat internet.......takutttttt!!!!!! Risau kelak kad kredit saya kena forged dan identiti dicuri

Sop said...

local xbox360s are modded to allow you to play copy games. but the twist is most local game shops don't sell the complete set - they'd remove the original game(s), headset, extra controller, etc.

anyway why do you want an xbox 360? or are you buying something for someone who has an xbox 360?

mekyam said...

hi sue,

yup, i do a bit of online-shopping too. started with too yonks ago. a couple of years ago i even braved myself to do some ebay purchases. i've also ordered things to be sent to malaysia or other places, including flowers and fruit-baskets. so far so good [x-fingers and toes].

but i'm still picky abt the sites to shop at. i prefer sites that allow me to pay via paypal or moneybookers as it gives my cc's an extra layer of protection.

you may want to consider opening paypal and/or moneybookers accts.

Typhoon Sue said...

jgn la paranoid sangat. good sites like amazon have very good security features. So it's really quite safe.

are u rolling your eyes at me??? *wink*

i was just window shopping. nope, not buying for anyone at all, althought it did cross my mind that u might want one... but then again, I had just missed your birthday.. haha

yup, i got paypal already. Got meself a few French DVDs a couple of months ago... Mahal siot!!!