Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where's My Mail, Mr. Postman?

I was shopping at a certain hypermarket the other day when I saw this quaint old red mailbox on the shelf. I couldn’t help but smile when I realized that despite all the developments going on in the city, with apartments and condos reaching up to the skies and houses with fences higher than their mempelam trees, there are still houses using that age old simple red contraption which purpose is simply to receive mails.

These days, most houses in Malaysia come with a brick wall by the gate which houses a built in mailbox with a tiny slot out in front for mails to be slotted in. It’s simple and it’s so very boring. Every house has one of those, and they all look alike. It’s so lame.

The old red mailboxes add a certain character to the house, even if every house in its vicinity has the same one. Well, for one thing, it’s red. So, that’s character. It may not be a designer’s choice, but it is sure ain’t boring like the tiny almost invincible slot we have on our walls these days. So lifeless, so lacking in character, so.. eergh!

I came across a collection of mailboxes which are so beautiful, I feel like ripping up my fences and installing one of these in my front yard. Check out the pics:-

Pics stolen from here

Beautiful eh?

This site has all sorts of mailboxes which are beautiful and practical. Personally, I have no use for anything other than the residential mailboxes above, but if I own a building, I might want to consider one of these Commercial Mailboxes. They are very nicely designed, you might want to go check your mails every hour.

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Pi Bani said...

I am still one of those still using the old red mailbox. If I install any of the residential mailboxes like the ones in the pics you posted, chances are it will attract the kids in my kampong to tamper with it and the mailbox will end up as main-main box... buat sakit hati je nanti...