Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Am Poke-Happy

Friendster, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter. These are just some of the more popular social networking sites that are available on the net these days. I personally am a member of only 2 of them, and do not care about the rest.

When I first started, Friendster was the only way to go. All my friends were on it. But it all became kinda stale after a while because Friendster did not evolve much. Then, along came Facebook, and, to borrow a line from Jerry McGuire, they’ve got me at hello.

I went poke-crazy for a while there. I poked, slapped, kicked, slam-dunked, karate-chopped, punched, pinched, body-slammed, and did all sorts of unimaginable things to my friends. Thankfully, it was all virtual, otherwise in this seriously litigious world of ours, I would’ve drowned in a sea of civil suits by now.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing when we can stay connected to friends and family by butt-kicking them every once in a while to let them know we’re still alive?

Other social networking sites have their own styles and concepts, but having been very familiar with Facebook, I find it kinda awkward to Twitter or do anything else. It takes getting used to, I guess. New social networking sites are popping up on the net like crazy these days. It’s hard to keep track of what’s new out there now.

One of the newbie is at . This is a brand new social networking site which is still in beta release at the moment. It is different from Facebook obviously and has its own unique style and concept -of course, otherwise, why would anyone want to switch from an established poke-happy place to a new and unknown rip-off site?

At Acobay, you are connected with each other by sharing their ‘stuff’, ie; by their pets, or cars, or favourite sports, favourite movies, or favourite books, etc etc. I didn’t see anything comparable to the ‘poking’ thingy on Facebook but I’m sure there is something in there that can appeal to all those poke-happy people out there.

Owh.. did I mention ‘poke’ once too many times already?

What can I say, I’m very very poke-happy.

I can’t decide whether Acobay is better than any of the other social networking sites that we all already know, but then again, I didn’t know Facebook is better than Friendster until I’ve tried it for a few weeks.

So, perhaps, I should tinker with it for a while before deciding whether to stay on or otherwise. Maybe you should try it too.

In the meantime, I’ll get back to my Facebook right now, because somebody is picking a fight with me on Lexulous (formerly known as Scrabulous- I wrote about this already, didn’t I?).

Have a nice poke-happy weekend, folks!


Manal said...

Waaahhhh, kalah org buat MLM the way u socialize in cyber space hehe...

pugs said...

*POKE POKE!*Ahem! Bila anda mahu keluar dari memerapkan diri di rumah dan belanja saya makan tengah hari? Ha? Ha? Ha???!!

typhoon sue said...

tak juge. i join, i invite friends, then i forget my password. socialize amende tuh?

tak tahu. bila anda mahu belanja sedozen krispy kreme untuk menggantikan chok keria saya?