Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beraturlah Wey!!

Yesterday, I was at a certain government office to submit a form on behalf of my client. Whilst waiting for my number to be called up, an Ah So sat near me and asked for help to fill up her form. So I assisted her with pleasure.

After the form is completed, she asked me to submit it for her, since my number was coming up soon and hers was a long way to go. I politely declined, saying I have waited for my turn, as did everyone else, and she should do the same.

This Ah So insisted again and again, “Only one form, meh....How can cannot? I don’t want to wait too long lah!”.

Now, there is a line between helping people and letting them walk all over you, and I wasn’t about to let this Ah So walk all over me. So, again and again, I said no.

Disappointed, she sat up and walked away to another corner of the waiting area, perhaps looking for someone else to bully.

She didn’t even thank me for my help earlier.



Pi Bani said...

Thank you for your earlier help? Hah, I bet Ah So tu balik rumah siap kutuk you lagi kot pasal tak nak tolong dia submit borang dia.

I pun memang cukup pantang orang suka potong queue ni... dia ingat dia sorang je ke yang kena tunggu lama?!

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

aiyo...cilaka itu olang!!!!

Typhoon Sue said...

pi bani:
tu lah. what is it with these people eh? org lain buleh tunggu. tak acilah potong2 kan?

memang cilaka

Manal said...

Air muka u ala2 wanita baik hati yg amatss ke noks?