Monday, May 25, 2009

A Road-Trip With Mom

I've just came back to KL from Alor Setar. I had to drive all the way there just to pick up my Mom, who has declared herself unfit to travel on her own to KL, either by air or by bus, even with her maid in tow. So, she requested that,.. no, let me rephrase that... she ORDERED that one of her children must come all the way to Alor Setar to pick her up and take her to KL.

So, being the only one without much commitment, it had to be me.

Leaving Alor Setar with Mom and her maid this morning, I finally understood why- Mom had stuffed the trunk of my car full of not only her luggages for her Umrah trip this Friday, but also a whole lot of coconuts, bananas, daun palas, all sorts of leaves and ulams, tapioca and even 2 baby coconut trees which she is planning to plant at my sister's house.

Luckily the rambutans are not ripe yet, otherwise she would've cleared her entire orchard and chucked everything into my car!

The 4 hours drive was smooth, thankfully. It rained here and there, but it wasn't all that bad. The only thing that bugged me was the fact that Mom and her maid could not stop eating during the entire journey. First it was sunflower seeds, then it was goreng pisang, then peanuts, then some kuihs. It didn't help that I had to make my usual stops at Bukit Gantang and Tapah to buy fruits and some pau, so they went ahead and chomped on those too.

Did I ever mention how much I dislike people eating in my car especially when I'm driving?

The smell of food is distracting, the sound of sunflower seeds being cracked open is distracting, the sound of people munching is distracting, the passing back and forth of the food packets is distracting. Everything about the whole thing bugged me big time. But of course, I couldn't say anything to Mom, lest she give me that look that says, "My daughter wouldn't let me eat..."

So, I just kept my mouth shut and threw a little tantrum inside my head.

I took her straight to my sister's house in Bangi, where, upon arrival, Mom announced that we are not having lunch as we had already eaten. She must've forgotten that I was driving all the way and didn't even have a sip of water.

So, I took the one remaining pau and called that lunch.

By the time Mom remembered that I hadn't eaten, I had already been sulking for a while and so I declined any offer for food and went out to play with my nephews' cute little kitten named Bob.

"Hi, I'm Bob!"

Bob is sooooooo cute, he calmed me down right away, so I'm not even sulking anymore now.

I'm going back home tonight, to my own cats who must be missing me like crazy. I'd have to come back here in Bangi on Friday to send Mom, my sister, my bro in law and my nephews to the airport.

Mom already told me that she'll be praying in Mecca for me to be a better person, be a better Muslim, wear the tudung, find a husband, bla bla bla....



Kama said...

Oh you poor girl! Moms are like that.. Sometimes I am guilty of same.. but she loves you lots, she does..:) Btw, Bob is ultra-cute!

Manal said...

Hahahaaha....dan gelakkan lagi....hahahaahah....

I tak kisa pon org makan dlm keta but one thing for sure: Stop yap-yapping while i am trying my best to get my natural navigator antenna on the super-alert mode (of course la invisible, its a congenital thingy) to find my way at a new place.

And please, no durian or kuini or petai in my boot if its meant for a long travel.Short distance i can tahan, and prolly need to wrap them in like bulk of newspaper so they wont leave those nasty pungent smell.

4 hours plus 2 stops from AS to Bangi? Thats like driving 180kmh or more?

Typhoon Sue said...

yea, i'm sure she does, and she might even remember that once in a while when she pauses for air while criticising me

160 - 170 kph mostly.

yapping is tolerable so long as the passengers don't scream or shout or generally do anything that might hurt my eardrums. But eating is something else altogether. I really don't like to smell anything when I'm driving

mekyam said...


baby coconut trees... serious? :D

got to love mums, even as they annoy us to distractions.

oh shoot, this makes me miss mine like a big hard pain now...

Pi Bani said...

Alah Sue... biaq pi la dia makan dalam kereta... daripada dia kentut dalam kereta kan? ;)

Toksah la merajuk... there's something for you in my blog (not food la), come and get it ok?

Typhoon Sue said...

yup. serious!

pi bani:
klu kentut tu memang saja nak sakitkan hati I le tuh...

aiseh... tag ka? :-(