Saturday, July 11, 2009

Say What??

Donna : Hey Fred, how can you tell when someone is gay, I mean, by their earrings?

Fred : What?

Donna : You know, if you wear your earring on the left or right ear, it means you are gay, and if you wear it on the other, you're just fashionable? Which is which?

Fred : Where did you hear that from?

Donna : I read somewhere that you can tell if they're gay from which ear they wear the earrings.

Fred : It doesn't work that way.

Donna : Yes, it does. I read about it.

Fred : No, no. it doesn't work that way. What if they wear it on both ears? Some men do that.

Donna : But everybody say you can tell....

Fred : I dunno then. If it's so, it must be the **right ear,............... coz I wear mine on the left (points to earring)

*Names and places (ok, no places, just names) have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved.

** Oh dear, I messed up again. Fred said the right ear, coz he's wearing his on the left. I guess that's why nobody got the joke... :-( Edited on 13/7/09


Pi Bani said...

The few gay men I've met don't wear earrings...

Kama said...

Yup, the ones I know don't wear earstuds/earrings either. In fact, a couple of DJs I know wear earstuds, but they are not gay.

pugly said...

My gay hubby once taught me this to make it easier to remember: "Left is right, & right is wrong" Meaning, if you wear it on the right, you're gay & vice versa.

This, coming from a man who doesn't even wear any :-) So yeah, you can't really tell these days.

mekyam said...


i ask my gay bud. he said, "this which ear sign is so last century. but fwiw, it's the right ear, dahrl. of course penis rings or butt plugs are more conclusive." :D

Typhoon Sue said...

pi bani:
it's just a stereotype that non-gay ppl created, i think

same here. all the gay men i know doesn't wear earrings. In fact, they don't wear any sort of accessories at all, except watches (branded ones of course). It's the straight ones who wear all these earrings, bracelets, chains and stuff

i guess the only way to tell, is when they either confirm, or deny it. Like Fred did. (I messed up the story, by the way. Read the correction)


Manal said...

I bet more and more fairies are tired of being stereotyped...but they sure wud love to adore manly men or the metrosx and feisty and/or bitchy ladies....