Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Race Me

Race is not an issue where love is concerned – that is the stand of sexy Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova.

“(Malaysian men are) very cute but at the end of the day, it is all about the person and it has nothing to do with the race,” she said when asked what she thought of Malaysian blokes at the launching of the Showdown of Champions 2009 – The Grand Slam here yesterday

The Star, 27/10/09

Why must there be questions about race in the first place?

Malaysian reporters always ask the most stupid questions, don't they?

I have often wondered why the forms in our country, be it government agencies' forms or otherwise, must have a column for race at all. There have been occassions when I felt very embarrassed when a foreign client wondered what they are supposed to write in that column.

A Bangladeshi client filled up his as 'Sunni'. A Canadian Turk wrote 'Caucasian'.

Neither one of those are actually a race in the strictest sense, but I suppose in their countries, Sunnis and Shiites do differ in terms of culture and practice, and clashes between them are always referred to as a race issue.

Still, they, as did I, wondered why they have to write that at all.

Can't we just do things without putting race in the mix, for once?

I am reminded of a commercial, I think it was one of the late Yasmin Ahmad's, where a boy was asked what was the race of his friend.

He asked, What's a 'race'? You mean, 'race car", ah?"

Smart boy.