Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's The Status?

I don’t know how I fare amongst my FB friends in terms of my statuses. Am I whiny? Am I a show-off? Am I too out there? Am I a smart-ass? Do I complain about my job too much? Do I bug them?

I don’t think any of the above applies, but that is just a matter of opinion. My own, I mean. You may think differently.

Truth is, we may never know what others think of us unless they tell you about it. But more often than not, they don’t tell you what they think. And so we continue doing what we have been doing everyday, posting statuses after statuses updating people about what we have been up to, oblivious to the fact that nobody really cares, and worse, that those stupid statuses annoy the crap out of everyone.

I have read many articles and blog entries about the various types of FB users and I can’t help but agree with all of them. No point in repeating ‘em all here. We’ve all read them. It’s true that FB statuses can tell you a lot about a person’s character, his state of mind, and even his intellectual level. For that reason, I hope I do not put myself too out there, coz I’d hate to be judged simply on what I rant on a daily basis. There’s more to me than that.

Of course, I usually do not write about things that really matters, coz I’m not really that smart. I talk like I know stuff, but really, I know zilch. So, I think, if anybody on FB has already formed an opinion of me, it’d probably not be complimentary. Maybe I should re-think this whole FB thingy, avoid updating statuses and just play Mafiawars. But then again, I like ranting and venting and complaining, and FB is a fabulous outlet for all that. So how?

Ah well, I don’t give a damn what people think of me anyways, so, perhaps I should just do what I wanna do and don’t fret about anything else.

And so, I’m updating my status now to tell people that I just ate a ton at Desa Paku and now I am bloated.

But as much as I may be annoying to my FB friends, I don't think I could be any more annoying than this guy below. Tell me what you think.

And this came from someone whose daily activities consists mainly of this:

I forgot why I accepted his friend request a long time ago. Oh wait, I remember.. I needed to 'grow my mafia', that's why. Duh!


Manal said... layout and macam2...sib baik u didnt put those statuses where i commented on...? haross la nak lowkey konon2nya.

Anyways, vent la ape saja termasuk u mentekedarah and all. I am willing to read (hmmmm....)

mekyam said...

sue, how come i don't seem to see any your status? i'd love to eyeball them and go all critical and judgemental on you. ;D

VersedAnggerik said...


I pun ada gak kawan2 kat FB yg rasa mcm nak delete ini hari jugak. Tapi blum buat lagi lah...

Like U, I pun think that ppl has already formed an opinion of me based on my FB status. Kalo rasa I tak cukup cerdik, tolonglah remove me from your frens list. Kalo rasa I whiny, pls do the same too...

Ada mak kesah? Of course not! Sbb hidup untuk diri sendiri, kan? Bukan untuk orang lain!

D.N.A.S said...

I found the FB status is useful for my family to keep up with my updates. Oleh kerana saya malas nak telefon family members dan gossip2 selalu2, they just checked my FB status. Which is quite good, sebab kurang dosa. Hehehe.

typhoon sue said...

manal: i know u do. that's y i keep coming up with boring stuff, coz i know u'd read 'em anyways...hahaha

mekyam: when i'm lazy i don't update, but u can see my MWars achievement. on not so lazy days, myn statuses change so fast, u won't be able to catch it anyway.. haha

v-a: tak larat le nak tulis ur nickname panjang2... thanx for visiting. did u figure out who i am yet?

DNAS: yea, that's what it's actually for. but a lot of ppl have used and abused it so much so that it's not about keeping in touch anymore.

FairyGodmother said...

hmmm, good point.

sometimes (ok, most of the times) my status updates are really dumb.

the other big chunk is me venting out my anger.

but to me, its just like our blogs? its ours, so if you don't like it, pls sod off.


Cosmic_GurL said...

If they only update their status then takper jugak. Yg paling annoying is when they go to your profile and then posted their MLM business! not once but berbanyak2 kali! Dah kasi warning pun tak mkn saman! So block jer la! Puas hati!

Arni said...

aduhai.. kalau ada atau BM sesuai hantar kat sana :D.

Poyo jer mamat tu.

Typhoon Sue said...

fairy godmother:
sorry for such late reply. dah october bru i check..haha
anyway, i think it's not like our blogs, coz, in the case of blogs, you can choose to go to the blogpage to read it, whereas in FB, your status actually comes to me via the newsfeed. Sure, i can set the privacy setting to ignore your posts, but that defeats the purpose of FB itself, ie; to keep in touch with friends. Problem is, I want to know how u are doing, but I don't wanna hear your holier-than-thou boasts on a daily basis.
P/s: ..and by 'you, i mean, that guy la... heheh

cosmic gurl:
yup, yg tu satu lagi

memang poyo. hari2 dia cakap besar mcm la dia bagus sgt