Friday, April 15, 2011

Wishing Well, Wishing's Swell

Posted this on my facebook notes on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 10:54pm.

Just thought I'd post this on my long-abandoned blog too, in case somebody still care enough to read.


Took the LRT home tonight, all tired and weary and so damned bloody hungry. At the 3rd station after I got in, a guy came in carrying a plastic bag full of what I imagined were freshly baked buns and pastries. "Damn, that smells like heaven..", I thought to myself, relishing the sweet aroma faintly emanating from the partially closed bag.

Much to my chagrin however, the stupid bloke then, without a care in the world, proceeded to take out one yummy looking pastry and started to eat it while standing by the door, oblivious to the fact that what was a faint sweet whiff of a scent before is now a full blown odor wafting through the air, straight into the nostrils of everyone in the coach, in particular, to one tired, weary and hungry woman who has had nothing to eat all day except for a roti canai for breakfast and 3 small currypuffs for lunch.

"I wish it'll fall out of his hand. That'll teach him a lesson for being so inconsiderate", I thought to myself, trying hard to stop myself from salivating whilst he gobbled up the last piece in his hand.

Not content with that one pastry however, the guy then took out another. "Damn!" I thought again.

And then, *plonk*

He dropped it right smack on the floor.


I had to bury my face in my backpack and keep my legs steady to stop myself from laughing out loud, or worse, jumping for joy.

Boy, oh boy.. wishes do come true after all.

Now, can I wish that some people we all know but not necessarily cherish would fall flat on their faces with their bums hanging out for all the world to see?

If indeed my wish can come true like that, wouldn't it be swell?