Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Ramblings Not Worth Reading # 12

After a few months of using public transportation and marveling at how fast I can get home despite the jam and all, I’m now back to driving to work daily- 80kms to & fro!!! Whoa!!!

It’s fun driving in the morning because I come out very early to beat the jam before entering the highway, thus having a very smooth ride all the way to the office, enabling me to lepak at the mamak for an hour for breakfast before starting work.

But man, it’s no fun in the afternoon when, no matter what time I leave, (and I don’t have the need to stay back till after 7pm like I used to) or whichever route I choose to take, I still get stuck in the jam for at least an hour anyway. So, yeah, it’s not all bliss.

The amount of fuel that I burn these days is probably enough to operate a small factory I think. Err, probably not a plastic factory or toy factory or anything like that, but a keropok lekor factory will do. Anyway, you get the picture- I burn too much fuel!!

The environmentalist in me screams in pain. Granted, I haven’t been very active in environmental protection like I used to, but I do still practice recycling everything I use and take care not to pollute the elements around me. I can’t do anything about my cats’ pee and poop though. They do pollute the air in my house on an alarming scale!

Okay, so I’m exaggerating.. Maybe not so much for the poop, because I feed my cats premium food with odour control. No, that doesn’t mean their poop smell like roses or anything like that. It just makes it not stink that bad, which is very important since they’re indoor cats and all.

But cats being cats, despite the fully imported, expensive, high quality and very tasty (so people said- I’ve never tried, I swear!!) food I give them, they would still eat cockroaches and dragonflies they find around the house. Probably they are just honing their natural hunter/predator instinct, although I know for a fact that Blanket would run the other way if a rat strayed into our yard, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, that extra fresh insect flavour probably help to add a little bit of hydrogen sulfide to their system, so occasionally, yeah, their poop smell a bit. And Mopster’s habit of sharing a bite or two of my chickpeas, a snack I like so much, probably doesn’t help either.

Okay, so I’ve gone off on a tangent again. What’s new?

I am avoiding lunch with certain people today. Couldn’t help it yesterday since they literally dragged me along with them. I didn’t want to spend the whole time listening to them mengumpat their bosses. Not that I don’t indulge in a bit of office gossip every now and then, don’t get me wrong, I’m not being goody-goody. It’s just that some people just over-do this to the point where it’s just not fun anymore.

So as a ruse to avoid participating in these pointless, repetitious, insipid and banal gossip session, I spent the whole time SMS-ing Naz, disturbing her on her wild shopping spree at the endless sale they have at The Weld, where she reportedly went gaga over some, er.. mugs??? What the hell??

Okay, I’m exaggerating again… sorry Naz.. Just checking whether you’re still reading my blog, that’s all. Haha (I’m so obvious!).

Enough of my ramblings for now. A tout a l'heure! Or toodle-oo, in slang.